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High school students from around Arizona who are interested in studying journalism may apply for the Journalism Diversity Workshop for Arizona High School Students held each summer at the University of Arizona School of Journalism.

The Journalism Diversity Workshop for Arizona High School Students gives students from diverse populations a chance to learn news writing, reporting, editing, digital design and photojournalism techniques. They also learn about ethics and media law.

Eligible students should be juniors or seniors who show a serious interest in journalism and in pursuing higher education. Upcoming sophomores and graduating seniors will be considered. Registration and dorm fees are provided by the program. Students are responsible for some of their meals.

The national project, sponsored by the Dow Jones News Fund, is an effort to help broadcast and newsrooms mirror the diversity of their communities. The University of Arizona School of Journalism has conducted this summer workshop since 1981.

Throughout the workshop, students work on a newspaper called The Chronicle, which covers news from the Tucson community and issues and trends concerning teens and other individuals around the country. The high school students are paired with current UA journalism students, who serve as mentors, to pitch story ideas as they would in a real newsroom.

In previous years, UA journalism professors have led workshops on reporting, interviewing, editing, blogging and computer-assisted reporting, among other topics. In addition, local journalists from the fields of television, radio, newspaper, and magazine have led sessions with students.

The 2014 program (June 8-14) was headed by Elena C. Stauffer, alumna of the UA School of Journalism. She wrote and was a copy editor for the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson’s daily newspaper, and the Tucson Citizen, now an online-only publication. Elena is currently the graduate coordinator at the School of Journalism.

See The Chronicle’s Web site (2014).

For more information, contact Elena Stauffer

2013 workshop participants Ashlee Fenn (Safford) and Milton Guevara (Tucson) each won $1000 tuituion scholarships

2012 workshop participant Yetzabel Rojas (Douglas) won a $1000 tuituion scholarship

2011 workshop participant Corina Gallardo won a $1000 writing award.

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