Review students wrap up website

Adjunct instructor Joe Sharkey's critical reviewing class finished Oct. 28 after publishing its work on a multimedia website – The 401 Review — at

In just five weeks (a mere 10 classes), Sharkey's students, led by web editor David McGlothlin, did reviews on music, food, film, theater, books, TV and recreation.

A sampling: "'The Martian’ Defies Typical Sci-Fi Gravity," "Raury’s Rapped Tales of Lost Love and Hard Realities," "Yo, Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks Is the Real Deal," and "Havasu Falls: Put on Your Hiking Boots and Go."

Students included Maya Patterson, Stephen H. Crane III, Gloria Knott, Rebecca Noble, Tobey Schmidt, Zachary Driver, Adriana Sepúlveda, Kyle Hanson, Elijah Harris, Taylor Brestel, Ebony Stoglin, Ezra Amacher, Christianna Silva, Danielle Zalewski, Cristian Torres and McGlothlin.

The class, one unit at the moment, is expected to be offered again next fall. This spring, Professor Carol Schwalbe is offering a one-unit class on travel writing (401B/501B). 

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10/28/2015 - 8:47am

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