Alumni notes from 2015 and earlier


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Jacquelyn C. Abad* is currently working as a news reporter for KDRV-TV in Medford, Oregon.
Alexandra M. Aguilera 
Alexandra P. Aldrete
Jordan R. Allison
Cecilia L. Alvarez
Mark J. Armao received the Alex Parker - Reporting Award.
Yara B. Askar
Molly E. Baker
Michael L. Beckwith
Crystal Bedoya
Kathryn G. Berge
Katie A. Bickell
Sterling A. Blum
Whitney M. Burgoyne
Danielle Carpenter
Jacob D. Cavanah
Razanne Chatila received the Richard Gilman Scholarship for 2014. 
Rachel E. Cohen
Nicole M. Cousins
Amanda M. Crandall-Correll
Leah E. Cresswell
Joseph A. D'Andre
Daniel R. Desrochers received the Philip Mangelsdorf - Outstanding Newsperson Award and the Sara and Harold Love Scholarship. Desrochers received the 2014 Alex Parker - Reporting Award. 
Claudia M. Eastwood 
Shahrazad M. Encinias*
Gareth L. Farrell was awarded the John Barnett Scholarship. 
Gabrielle R. Ferreira received the Alex Parker - Reporting Award, the Sara and Harold Love Scholarship and graduated Kappa Tau Alpha.   
Joey N. Fisher received the Excellence in Design and the Donald Still - Arizona Daily Wildcat Awards.
Ryan C. Foley
Sarah J. France
McKinzie N. Frisbie
Malcolm Fuller
Katelyn Galante
Fernando A. Galvan III received the Kathryn Anne Governal - Perseverance Award.
Kianna C. Gardner
Natalie A. Grum received the William Hattich - Professionalism award.
Noelle R. Haro-Gomez received the Jack Sheaffer - Outstanding News Photographer Award.
Spencer K. Higgins
Amy M. Johnson
Yoohyum Jung
Michaela Kane received the Excellence in Research Award.
James D. Kelley
Margaret M. Kessler
Eric W. Klump
Kimberly C. Kolliner received the Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award.
Rachel D. Leinson
Alexyz Liggins
Shannon M. Lilly
Cole M. Malham
Tania S. Mashkoory
Tyler J. McDowell-Blanken
Thomas P. McGinnis
Megan Mohler graduated Kappa Tau Alpha.
Alexis B. Montano
Jacquelyn C. Montano
Micah B. Montiel
Jade Nunes was the 2014 Outstanding Junior. 
Jaime L. Odom
Linda B. Padilla
Daniel Passovoy
Nicolina M. Patin
Roberto M. Payne
Joseph E. Putrelo received the Abe Chanin - Excellence in Sports Reporting Award.
Rosie E. de Queljoe
Christopher D. Real
Holly M. Regan
Ryan J. Reyes
Christa E. Reynolds*
Juliana Romero received the Leadership and Service and the William Hattich - Professionalism Awards.
Stephanie M. Romero
Catherine J. Rosenberg* received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award and graduated Kappa Tau Alpha.
Liza E. Rubin was awarded the John Barnett Scholarship.
Kayla S. Samoy received the Outstanding Senior and Leadership and Service Awards.
Briana A. Sanchez along with three others received the Leadership and Service Award.
Natalie J. Sanchez received the William Hattich - Professionalism Award.
Rebecca Sasnett was awared the J.Y., Bryan Prize for Interpretive Photography.
Erin E. Shanahan
Kaleigh R. Shufeldt received the Alex Parker - Reporting Award.
Brittney N. Smith
Rebekah R. Syler
Amer A. Taleb received the Excellence in International Journalism and the William Hattich - Professionalism Awards.
Larissa Teran
Brittany D. Theodora
Nicole Thill received the Donald Still - Arizona Daily Wildcat Award. In 2014 Thill received the Excellence in Design Award.
Kelsi A. Thorud
Desiree Y. Valenzuela
Daniela Vizcarra
Torsten N. Ward
Kalli R. Wolf
Casey A. Woollard
Megan A. Zamiska 

*Denotes M.A. candidates 

December   August   May


Reham A. Alawadhi received the 2015 Alex Parker - Reporting Award.
Shekhah M. Al Dosary*
Courtney R. Avon
Zachary J. Baker
Connie E. Coles
Lucas M. Della
Gabriela C. Diaz
Alison R. Dorf received the Alex Parker - Reporting Award.
Akram Kateregga
Harrison B. Leff
Kyle M. Mittan received the 2015 Alex Parker - Reporting and the Excellence in Multimedia Journalism Awards.
Nicholas R. Nollenberger
Mark A. Rodriguez
Madeline L. Ruth
Caitlin C. Schmidt received the Douglas Martin - Courage and Integrity Award and the Edith Auslander and Steve Emerine Scholarships.
Jessica K. Schrecker
Mary S. Simpson
Maddison M. Sinclair
Brian C. Vlaencia 


Shekhah Al Dosary*
Brooke Bolek
William Breceda Cooper is producing content and social media for Truly Nolan in Tucson.
James Callahan IV
Jessica Canchola
Britain Eakin* received the Excellence in Reserach and Alex Parker - Reporting awards.
Guadalupe Galarza-Pacheco
Yasmin Gomez
Ashley Grove
Jacqueline Kent is a newsroom reporter and web producer at Tucson News Now, the home of KOLD News 13 and  KMSB Fox 11
Alaina Kirkpatrick
Alyssa Larson
Samantha Leuck
Natasha Malenko
Austin McEvoy
Soinneah Li-Yin Monks
Evyn Murray
Javier Pineda
Tatiana Tomich is working as a content writer and strategist at Nuanced Media – Digital Marketing Agency in Houston.


Jacquelyn Abad
Joseph Adelman
Anna Augustowska* received the Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award.
Christopher Barlett 
Amanda Bodenstein
Stephanie Caffall
Vianca Alicia de la Roca Cao has been hired as the marketing and sales coordinator at the National Curriculum & Training Institute in Phoenix.
Stephanie Casanova
Andria Caviglia
Jordan Clifton
Scott Coleman
Isaac Cox
Mariana S. P. Dale received the Sherman R. Miller - Outstanding Senior Award and is currently  a reporter at  the Arizona Daily Star.
Jason Davis* received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. 
Alan Davis received the Excellence in Multimedia Journalism Award and was one of “20 promising digital journalists”  selected for the student newsroom at the annual Online News Association conference in Chicago in September. More  than 100 students applied from around the world.
Sherilyn N. De Leon
Alyssa M. DeMember
Jessica Dollin got a fellowship with Participant Media in Los Angeles. She started Aug. 18, writing articles for their news site,
Hollie Dowdle
Britain Eakin* received the Excellence in Research and the Alex Parker - Reporting Awards.
Max Efrein
Derek Evans received the Kathryn Anne Governal - Perseverance Award. After graduating he accepted a job as a full-time sports reporter for the Camp Verde Bugle and Verde Valley Independent. The two small newspapers are based out of Cottonwood, about three and a half hours north of Tucson. 
Max Fahn
Forrest Gmitro
Iain Gordon
Kahtia Hall
Carlos Herrera received the Jack Sheaffer - Outstanding News Photography Award and the John Barnett  Scholarship.
Maci Hidalgo
Heidi Jaenicke
Mikala Jennings
Courtney Johnson
Kyle Johnson received the Abe Chanin - Excellence in Sports Reporting Award.  
Yoohyun Jung received the Douglas Martin - Courage and Integrity Award and was hired as a reporter at the Arizona Daily Star.
Paige Kuhn
Shannon E. Kurlander
Stew McClintic was offered a job as a reporter at the Silver City Daily Press in Silver City, N.M. He said landing the job is a triumph of networking: His former fraternity brother lives in Silver City and bought the newspaper before it was shut down by the previous owner.
Scarlett McCourt is teaching bilingual kindergarten in Fort Worth, Texas, through Teach for America.
Andrew McCullough received the Excellence in Innovation and the School Media Awards, as well as landed a job as an online content producer with the Arizona Daily Star.
Jordan McMahon
Samuel McNeil* received the Excellence International Journalism Award. 
Brittny Mejia received the Philip Mangelsdorf - Outstanding Newsperson and School Media Awards. Mejia also received the Donald Still - Arizona Daily Wildcat Award, and finished her fellowship at The Arizona Republic and. After graduating she was off to LA for a prestigious two-year Metpro internship with the Los Angeles Times.
Alexandria Myers 
Czarina Navarro recieved the School Media Award. 
Kate Newton
Mary Olives
Alexander Plaumann
Ashely Powell
Brenda Puga
Ashley Reid
Ryan Revock received the J.Y. Bryan Prize for Interpretive Photography Award. 
Anthony Reyes 
Alejandro Rodriguez
Augelique Rodriquez
James Sargent
Justin Sayers
Sariah Schroader has been hired at KOLD as a full-time producer. She will produce the 9 p.m. weekend show and take on assignment desk and web producer assignments.
Carollan Scott
Lauren Shores
Sarah-Jayne Simon
Giles Smith
Kristina Smith
Shea Sorenson was accepted to Mississippi State University to earn a degree in Broadcast Meteorology. It’s a distance-learning program that lasts three years. Shea has interned at KOLD and KVOA where she built weather graphics.
Ashlie Stewart
Susan Swanberg*
Kanausha Thompson
Alex Wainwright
Caitlin Watters
Lauren Weinberg
David Weissman
Michael Woolsey
Julian Ybarra 

December   August   May


Taylor Bacic
Hannah Bergeron
Michelle Cook
Samantha Cummings
Adam Curtis
Daniel Dominguez
Stephanie Fousse
Kenzie Fowler
Melissa Guz
Rhiannon Helms
Danielle Herrington
Amanda Hurley
Kendra Kautz
Maxwell Mangold is a national sales trainee at Major League Soccer.
John Mcgee
Blanche Montoya
Cameron Moon is a full-time high school sports network producer in Cleveland with the Northeast Ohio Media Group.
Ashley Nevel 
Justin Peterson
Paige Pettis
Lynley Price was hired as a designer and copy editor for a new design hub called the Northern California Design Center, which is in the Chico (Calif.) Enterprise-Record plant. She started March 17.
Piper Stoeckel coordinates alumni travel and membership for the UA Alumni Association. She represented Arizona in the Miss America pageant.
Juan Valdez
Westly Wilkins


Megan R. Alletson
Kimberly A. Ashley
Juliana R. Benson
Matthew A.S. Casey has moved from a reporter with the Laramie (Wyo.) Boomerang to a general assignment job with The Arizona Republic.
Anne K. DeMuth
Courtney L. L'Ecuyer
Cecelia P. Marshall is a reporter with the Khmer Times in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Cristina L. Ruiz
Alexa N. Skonieczny
Elizabeth M. Sweetbaum
Zachary P. Vito
Julian D. Ybarra


Kevin T. Abblitt
Jessica B. Ahles
Rob Alcaraz* was hired as a video producer/editor at The Wall Street Journal.
Bethany Barnes* got lots of shoutouts for the investigative piece she broke in August on the practice by the Clark County District Attorney’s Office of paying witnesses’ rent and other expenses. The Nevada ACLU, local defense attorneys and leading legal experts are demanding the practice be halted and investigated immediately in response to Bethany’s investigation. And ProPublica picked up the story for its weekly MuckReads roundup ( Bethany reports for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Zhangli Bu
Kristina Bui
Rachel A. Cabakoff
Jessica M. Canchola
Katherine E. Carroll
Simran Chhatwal
Andrew D. Cockrum
Ashley C. Cohen
Mary E. Coleman
Jennifer I. Cordova
Marcella A. Corona is a continuous content reporter covering breaking news updates and crime stories at the Reno Gazette-Journal (owned by Gannett).
Brent J. Corrado
Brittney N. Dicker
Daniel Dominguez
Emily E. Dory
Lauren Y. Ebrahim
Preston G. Fawcett
Meaghan A. Fee
Niger Fataliyeva*
Brenna R. Goth
Ashley R. Guttuso
Devin A. Hallquist
Stephanie Hernandez 
Allison K. Herriot
Kelly A. Hultgren
Megan Hurley
Justin T. Hussong
Emi C. Komiya
Rachel H. Krismann
Ben H. Leibowitz
Sasha N. Loftis
Rachel S. Martin 
Justin R. Matthews
Hannah R. McLeod is a reporter with Inside Tucson Business.
Megan L. Merrimac
Brandon P. Messick
Hope E. Miller
Eliza R. Molk
Caroline C. Nachazel
Juni N. Nelson
Scott S. Oathout
Ashley A. Olden
Stacey N. Palmisano
Alyssa N. Reilly
Gabrielle F. Richman
Gabriel D. Romero
Zackary S. Rosenblatt
Victoria L. Rosenblum
Steven Schiraldi
Amanda L. Sedberry
Lindsay R. Sliverman
Amber G. Sumpter
Susan E. Swanberg*
Katelyn M. Swanson
Morgan M. Toone
Anthony C. Vito-Bollong
Alexa B. Vogtritter
Michelle A. Weiss
Johanna C. Willett
Chelsea M. Wold

December   August   May  


Sarah L. Cantey
Christopher M. Carter Sr.
Samey E. Charapp
Eitan S. Cramer is a production assistant at ESPN in Bristol, Conn.
Samantha E. Esquivel
Deborah N. Feehs
Daniel Gaona
Iman A. Hamdan
Krystal N. Jenkins
Kiely R. Katz
John T. Kuells
Kellie A. Mejdrich+
Joshua F.P. Morgan
Nicole Oshea
Ashley N. Pearlstein
Serena M. Valdez
Alexander H. Williams


Timothy P. Arrigo
Angelina E. Bravo
Haley L. Caldwell
Jesse J. Cebulski
Christina M. Dawidowicz
Samantha E. Esquivel
William G. Ferguson
Brett A. Haupt
Keith C. Hickman-Perfetti
Jessica R. Hoerth
Paul M. Ingram*
Elisabeth C. Jones
Kevin J. Nadakal
Bryan E. Ponton
Krystin R. Sorich
Lucia M. Valencia is a public affairs coordinator for the City of Yuma.


Leah T. Adler is a premium seating service representative for the Phoenix Coyotes.
Robert A. Alcaraz
Britianie M. Bahena-Trigo
Jason N. Barrera
Chelsey E. Barthel
Kara L. Bauman
Marisa C. Bernal
Janice J. Biancavilla
Daniella A. Castillo
Zachary E. Clark
Charles F. DeMar
Adrianna J. Desiderio
Nicole C. Dimtsios
Jaclyn M. DiVita
Derrick J. Fazendin
Amber N. Gallegos
Alexandra G. Ghiz
Timothy W. Glass
Christina E. Grande 
Sam D. Grossman
Melissa E. Guz
Marlena F. Hamilton
Kathleen A. Harrisson*
Melanis N. Huonker
Teraci M. Huttsell
Lauren E. Inouye
Hope I. Jamieson
Abragail M. Kappel
Ryan Kelly
Jeff B. Kessler
Adam P. Kirkman
Emily M. Kjesbo
Daniel A Kohler
Rachel E. Kolinoski
Tyler Kurbat is a content journalist at iAquire.
Corey R. Lueker
Anna M. Marum
Shannon M. Maule
Brittany K. McMorris
Charles J. Misra
Rikki D. Mitchell has been promoted to a full-time reporting position at KGUN-9 in Tucson.
Lucas M. Money
Michelle A. Monroe
Emily L. Moore
Alexandra K. Newmann
Katherine L. Parchen
Jenna M. Passin 
Elizebeth S. Pretto
Angelo D. Samora-Vargas
Amanda J. Seely
Ryan H. Sheehy
Lauren S. Sokol
Diana Sokolova*
Alexandra D. Sutter 
Anissa K. Tanweer*
Maria I. Taracena
Caleb M. Tellez
Alez E. Tichauer
Jamie F. Turow
Lauren M. Urratio
Gabriele P. Valentino
Tayler A. Wancour
Sandra I. Westdahl
Caitlin B. Wilenchik
Faune Williams
Conner M. Wilson
Jazmine Woodberry received the 2010 B.P. Campbell Award for Outstanding Junior. Woodberry is working in Phoenix for PetSmart’s nonprofit division, PetSmart Charities. She’s the associate manager of internal communications, producing multi-channel content and writing, editing, producing multimedia, and handling some social media. She works with fellow J-School grad Laura Ingalls ‘96, who is PetSmart Charities’ senior manager of communications and a Daily Wildcat alum.
Rebecca Rillos is a designer at The New York Times.

December   August   May


Iqbal A. Al-Sanea
Madelaine E. Archie
Katrina Y. Arrington
Ariel Campbell
Ziniu Chen
Alexandra J. Cooley
Katelyn E. Cunningham
Iris S. Dewitt
Marissa P. Freireich
Courtney J. Griffin
Farren A. Halcovich
Devlin D. Houser is teaching Spanish at Desert Shadows Middle School in Nogales. Devlin and fellow journalism graduate Austin Counts ’11 have produced a documentary called “Dead in the Desert” about the deaths of people crossing the border. It was featured in a full-page story in the Aug. 2 issue of The Tucson Weekly. 
Blair E. Kurland
Bryan G. Lewis
Jeffrey D. McMickell
Taylor M. Medeiros
Kelsey A. Merkel
Amanda L. Merz
Kevin R. Promise
Michael P. Rabin
Yujiro Sano
Andrew M. Schaeffer
Kevin M. Zimmerman  


Austin A. Counts
Grace M. Goro
Jessica Hale
Kayla Lema
Chelsea L. Johnson
Carol J. Kennedy
Elizebeth P. Lane
Lisa A. Mclean
Britain B. Muhl
Karrissa R. Nowakowski
Corinne N. O'Donoghue
Rosanna Sandigo
Joshua T. Saunders
Lara E. Schnoll
Natalie M. Schwab
Tamara K. Stephens
Stephan L. Varga
Samantha Sais has succeeded Joshua Lott as the main freelance photographer for The New York Times’ Phoenix bureau.


Robbie C. Abbit
Michael L. Abbott
Kathleen E. Ackel
Tiffany C.D. Acton
Erin L. Badger
Elizebeth T. Beardsley
Shain M. Bergan
David M. Blattman
Haley C. Bliss
Kirsten Boele* received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. 
Neal E. Bourbon
James M. Bourland
Emily A. Bowen
Michelle D. Brownstone
Frank J. Brun
Alexander M. Budish
Collen E. Bush
Christopher M. Carter
Michael P. Christy received Kathryn Anne Governal Perseverance Award and in 2010 the Jack Sheaffer Award for Outstanding News Photography. Christy has been hired full time as a photographer at the Arizona Daily Star.
Erica L. Coleman
Kenneth M. Contrata
Bethany A. Conway*
Kyndra N. Countryman
Elma Delic
Iris S. Dewitt
Kristi L. Ellison
Julia A. Etters
Samantha Ferrell
Brian W. Frett
Natalie B. Fulton
Alexandria L. Gendreau
Marisa A. Gerber received the Philip Manelsdorf Award for Outstanding Newsperson and the Sherman R. Miller Award for Outstanding Senior. 
Carolyn E. Gitomer
Erica L. Gonzales
Kelly E. Gross
Parisa K. Hajizadeh-Amini
Stephanie M. Hamill
Krstle T. Hart
Donald Hodosn
Ashley N. James
Amanda N. Johnson
Marializa E. Kelly
Sarah K. Kezele received the Abe Chanin Award for Excellence in Sports Reporting. 
Lauren E. King
Adam P. Kirkman
Timothy P. Kosch
John P. Kostis
Natalie F. Lakosil
Kassandra M. Lau received the 2010 J.Y. Bryan Prize for Interpretive Photography. 
Leanna M. Levine
Trevor D. Lightfoot
Sean Y. Ma
Whitney M. Misenhimer
Angela E. Mullis
Kelsey N. Murray
Adrienne R. Nelinson
Clayton R. Norman*
Matthew G. Osteen
Justin D. Poole-Welmon
Curtis A. Prendergast*
Nohemi A. Ramirez
Wilson J. Rapp
Chelsea K. Rarrick
Lisa E. Rich
Jillian T. Roggen
Samantha M. Sais received the 2010 Leadership and Service Award. Sais a stringer for Reuters and The New York Times, is teaching at Compass High School in Tucson. 
Karina G. Salazar
Casey G. Sapio
Nicholas T. Scala
Matthew E. Scarborough
Alejandro Serrano
McKenzie S. Sheldon
Samuel R. Shumaker
Alexandra N. Siegel
Amber K. Sleek
Lauren A. Stapp
Karly A. Steinberg
Hank D. Stephenson
Melanie N. Tortotello
Christopher J. Valverde
Juliana M. Vasquez
Casie S. Vogel
Alison E. Weare
Cassandra H. Weinman
Rodney B. Young

December   August   May 


Tawnee D. Arrieta
Melody S. Bartholomew
Jesse A. Basarab
Aleksa D. Brown
Ann C. Chandler
Edgar K. Cuevas
Trista A. Davis
Ruoheng Deng*
Allana M. Erickson
Morgan S. Galbraith
Reymundo Galvez
Sarah L. Gassen*
Brianna D. Goin
Sean M. Hillier
Tiffany Jen
Emily A. Jones
Chelsey A. Killebrew
Amy M. Kissinger
Kelsey M. Knight
Adam W. Lehrer
Christina M. Licata
Alexa B. Miller
Nathan A. Mitchell
Gina V. Moreno
Meridian L. Negilski
Cecilia R. Perry* received the Leadership and Service Award. 
Jacelle E. Ramon-Sauberan received the Douglas D. Martin Award for Integrity and Courage and the Leadership and Service Award.
Taylor A. Reed
Samantha C. Richardson
Gwyneth K. Shaw* received the Outstanding Graduate Student and the Leadership and Service Awards. 
Nicholas G. Sturiale
Lily A. Winchester


Tiffany C. Acton
Tawnee D. Arrieta
Ariel Campbell
Ruoheng Deng*
Allana M. Erikson
Sarah G. Gassen
Brianna D. Goin
Izajah J. Gordon
Emily A. Jones
Chelsey A. Killebrew
Tiffany A. Kimmell
Taylor A. Reed
Samantha C. Richardson
Laurann J.F. Robinson
Gwyneth K. Shaw* 


Lauren M. Adams received the Excellence in Multimedia Journalism. 
Julie E. Alfin
Aowab T. Alwazir
Amanda M. Arnston
Taylor M. Avey
Jacqueline E. Badler
Meaghan K. Bayley
Hannah E. Badler
Grant I. Becker
Jessica A. Befort
Candace L. Begody
Brett T. Booen
Natalie N. Boras
Jocelyn C. Bresnick
Ashlee E. Cain
Matilde Cantero
Sara W. Carson
Tammara L. Crawford
Edgar K. Cuevas
Alexander D. Dalenberg
Trista A. Davis
Sarah A. De La Cruz
Giuseppe A. Demasi
Michelle L. Denten
Maximilian L. Dubois
Samantha S. Easter
Claire A. Engelken
Jeffrey M. Feld
Kaitlan A. Flynn
Natalie B. Fox
Ian R. Friedman received the Sherman R. Miller Award for Outstanding Senior and the 2009 Tombstone Epitaph John P. Clum Award.
Benjamin J. Gabrielson
Breanna S. Gilroy
Olivia C. Gransback
Brian R. Greenwald received the 2009 Arizona Cat's Eye Award. 
Angela C. Grossman
Rodney D. Haas
Jeremy D. Hawkes is assistant director of sports information at Arizona State University. He is currently the secondary contact for the Sun Devil football program and the primary publicist for the ASU water polo team. After two years as the SID for track and field and wrestling, he was recently promoted to head the publicity efforts of the perennial powerhouse Sun Devil softball team.
Nicole K. Helms
Jeffery S. Hidalgo
Shelby M. Hill
Sean M. Hiller
Marissa L. Hopkins
Stephen M. Ivanovics
Marcy C. Jones is a reporter at KGAN CBS 2 and Fox 28 News in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Marcy does all live segments in the morning, and often does noon segments and some packages for the evening news.
Amy M. Kissinger received the Excellence in Newspaper Design Award. 
Dana N. Kuritzkes
Laura J. Lajiness
Derek J. Lawrence
Matthew A. Lewis
Christina M. Licata
Patrick J. Lorenz
Lance A. Madden received the William Hattich Award for Professionalism. 
Cathleem A. McCarthy
Lauren L. Mcrae
Bridget M. Miller
Stephen R. Miller
Whitney M. Misenhimer
Brian A. Mori
Erica K. Nannini
Megan L. Neighbor received the Philip Mangelsdorf Award for Outstanding Newsperson. 
Alec B. Nielson
Nicole M. Nixon
Andrea L. Papagianis
Catherine M. Pavlich received the Arizona Cat's Eye Award. 
Evan J. Pellegrino received the Excellence in Broadcast Journalism and the Leadership and Service Awards. 
Amanda F. Portillo received the Leadership and Service Award. 
Elyse N. Powers
Amelia M. Quiroga
Ashley M. Ralston-Alvarez
Heather M. Rissi
Portia M. Robinson
Casey Otto Ross received the Alex Parker Award for Reporting. 
Kyle A. Sandell
Joshua K. Schmid  received the Arizona Cat's Eye Award. 
Zachary J. Simon
Jacquelyn V. Smith
Shea A. Steinberg
Christina M. Stymfal
Garrent O. Thomas
Alyssa K. Thompson
Roxana Vasquez
Meaghan M. Wallace has left her job at KREX, Grand Junction, Colo., to become the weekend anchor and weekday reporter at WCSC in Charleston, S.C. She said her student internship at KOLD in Tucson paid dividends since KOLD and WCSC are both Raycom stations. Wallace was the recipient of the the 2010 Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award. 
Ashley L. Whitefield
Nathan J. Williams
Lily A. Winchester

David Diaz has moved from the El Paso Times, where he was a copy editor-page designer, to the Arizona Daily Star, where he is a page designer.
Brett Fera has joined the UA’s Student Media division as assistant director.


Jenna Davis is a copy editor at Yonhap Infomax news agency in Korea.
Lauren LePage married Jared Harrelson on Nov. 30, 2013.
Jenna Rogers has left KIDY in San Angelo to take a job as communications coordinator for Goodwill in Abilene, Texas.
Kristina Stevens is teaching English at the British-American Institute in Nantes, France.


Morgan O’Crotty is the marketing and communications administrator with the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in Tucson.
Nathan Olivarez-Giles is a San Francisco-based assistant news editor at the Wall Street Journal. He works with a team relaunching the WSJ’s tech page online.
Michael Schwartz finished his master’s in sports management in San Diego and is now working as a production researcher for ESPN.
Ashley Johnson is the marketing director for the Laguna Beach (Calif.) Visitors and Conference Bureau.  


Fernanda Echavarri was a New York Times fellow at The Changing Face of America: Immigration and the Politics of Reform Reform, a five-day intensive fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. Echavarri covers immigration and the border in addition to education and public affairs for Arizona Public Media. Fernanda won an Emmy at the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards in October for her report on homeless teens.
Victoria Tinajero Bray and her spouse, Michael, announced the birth of their son Charles Spencer, born Nov. 1, 2013.
Lauren Miller Salas has moved from Phoenix to Chicago to start work as a promotions manager at the University of Chicago Press. Her focus is on reference and regional titles, including The Chicago Manual of Style, though Lauren tells us “AP Style will always have a place in my heart.”
Devin Walker does web development and design in San Diego. Check out his site


Hillary Davis is a reporter with Inside Tucson Business.
Patrick McNamara is a reporter with the Arizona Daily Star.
Nick Smith moved to Austria this summer after finishing the M.S. program at the Columbia Journalism School. He was awarded one of two 2014 Lynton Fellowships in Book Writing. His book project is on the social history of athletic shoes. Nick also is continuing to freelance and teach English in Vienna.


John de Dios is the director of digital media for the Genetic Literacy Project. He edits their website and runs social media. He’s also a producer and regular contributor to National Geographic News. John also does a lot of work with the UA Graduate College’s office of recruitment. He lives in Tucson.


Tessa Bajema is the public relations manager with the Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Phoenix.
Shelley Shelton is a grant and communications writer with Interfaith Community Services, which includes managing social media and conducting public relations. ICS is a nonprofit social services organization located on Tucson’s northwest side.


David Stevenson graduated with an MBA from the University of Houston and took a new job as a proposal coordinator in the Atlantic region at McDermott International, Inc. in Houston.
Diana Jung married Benjamin Steffen on Dec. 3, 2011 in Sedona, Ariz.
Joe Mazzeo has been promoted to Tournament Director of The Mayakoba Golf Classic, Mexico’s only PGA Tour event.  


Jeremy Duda, reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, made the list of best state capitol reporters in America compiled by The Washington Post. The list was compiled based on reader input.
Dylan McKinley has taken a position with, a Lee-owned software company that develops content management systems with print publications and newspapers transitioning to a digital world. He’s based in Tucson.David Cieslak, co-founder of the political consulting firm Scutari & Cieslak Public Relations in Phoenix, was quoted in an Oct. 23 New York Times blog titled “Why Arizona Isn’t a Battleground State (and Why It May Be Soon).” Read it here.


Jenna Duncan teaches English, journalism and reading at Glendale Community College.
Ryan Gabrielson joined ProPublica from the Center for Investigative Reporting, where he has worked as a reporter since 2010. He won the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting in 2009 and was finalist for it in 2013. Ryan also received an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for the multimedia report “Broken Shield.” The report was cited for “investigating the failures of a special California state police force assigned to protect residents of state facilities with severe mental and emotional disabilities.”


Victoria Tinajero married Michael Bray on Nov. 3. They live in Phoenix.
Thomas M. Collins was appointed the executive director of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission effective Aug. 5, 2013. As executive director he is responsible for day-to-day operations for the Commission, a five-member board that administers and enforces Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Act, including voter and public education, public financing for statewide and legislative candidates who qualify, and campaign finance enforcement. Prior to becoming executive director of the Commission, Collins was an assistant attorney general for the Arizona Attorney General’s office.


Kerri Ginis Leedy is the media relations specialist for Kaiser Permanente Fresno.
Krista Schlyer recently won the 2013 National Outdoor Book Award for her book Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall.


Jayda Evans covers the women’s NBA and women’s college basketball for The Seattle Times.


Mark Evans is a senior editor with the Pima County Communications Department.


Shella Chamberlain Gillus is the author of The Loom, a story on an 1800s-era slave named Lydia. The book has earned Shella an NAACP Image Award nomination. She also has been named a finalist for an American Christian Fiction Writers  Carol Award. On Nov. 2, Shella offered the keynote address at a luncheon celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Tucson chapter of Links Inc.


David Von Behren is the regional public affairs director for the USDA in Denver


Pam Hubbard Scott is vice president of communications for Red Lion Hotels. She and her family live in Spokane, Wash.


Glenn Gullickson won the Arizona Community Journalist of the Year Award at the May 31 Arizona Press Club awards competition. He also won first place in community politics and government reporting for a series titled "The Marriage Question." Glenn was the editor of Echo magazine, but left that position in July to pursue other interests.
Linda Platts is self-employed and living in Bozeman, Mont.


Toni Hellon, an Arizona state senator from 2001 to 2007, is now the Clerk of the Superior Court for Pima County.
Maggie Hall Walsh is the director of development communications at Colorado State University.


John D’Anna is a Page 1 editor at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix and was a member of the paper’s Giffords’ shooting coverage team that was a finalist for this year’s Pulitzer Prize. D’Anna, Page One editor at The Arizona Republic, hosted New York Times best-selling author Mark Leibovich for an hourlong Q&A about his book This Town and the Washington insider culture May 7 at ASU’s First Amendment Forum. D’Anna recently won the 2012 world championship for free-sparring in his division at the American Taekwondo Association world championships in Little Rock, Ark, in June. John, a 4th degree black belt, has been practicing martial arts for 29 years. He has previously won a silver medal and three bronze medals in world championship competition. J
A.J. Flick is a senior editor at Madden Media. She manages the company’s division that publishes more than 60 tourism publications a year. See:


Carol Ann Bassett, who teaches journalism at the University of Oregon, won first place in the SPJ national contest in the online in-depth reporting category for a report she and her students compiled called “Along the Route of the Whale.” See it at
Barbara Williamson is the media relations manager for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.


Bill Bayne has relocated from Tucson to Morrison, Colo., where he is substitute teaching in the Jefferson County School District.


Paula Green is still working with the United Nations in their Department of Public Information. She’s a freelance journalist in New York City.
Chuck Halnan is a self-employed lobbyist in Sacramento. He writes that he “survived another year in California politics, saw the Rolling Stones three times, went to Germany, visited the Journalism School and the Wildcat at Homecoming, went to Panama and met Roberto Duran. Not a bad year …”


Elinor J. “Ellie” Brechera Wildcat Hall of Famer, retired on Sept. 20, 2013, after a 36-year career in newspaper journalism. She’d been Wildcat city editor and Epitaph news editor (and head waitress at El Charro downtown). Ellie spent the first 12 years of her career at the Courier-Journal in Louisville, had a Nieman Fellowship in 1988, went to the Miami Herald in 1989, was on the news staff that won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for coverage of Hurricane Andrew, and in 1994 wrote a best-selling non-fiction book, Schindler’s Legacy: True Stories of the List Survivors (Dutton). She hopes to return to Tucson (where there are no hurricanes) in the next year with her longtime partner, Jake, and their four dogs.
Burt Schneider is featured in a documentary about Zoom Records, the late 1950s record company that he and high school classmate Ray Lindstrom started when they were seniors at Catalina High School. The film, directed by Dan Kruse, won “Best of Arizona” at the 2013 Tucson International Film Festival. Schneider worked with Armed Forces Radio in New York and Taipei in the mid-1960s and was an announcer and news director at several Tucson radio stations. He retired in 2010 from the University of Arizona’s NPR affiliate where he was afternoon host. See:
Steve Yozwiak is a senior science writer with Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix. He has been with them for more than five years.


Robert Roth is a reporter with KTVU in Oakland.


Jose Galvez has been traveling the country promoting his most recent book, Shine: Stories and Photographs by José Galvez. Known for his compelling black-and-white images of the Latino experience in America during the past 40 years, Galvez’s photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country and around the world, including the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Galvez was the first Mexican-American photographer to be hired at the Los Angeles Times, and in 1984 he was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for a landmark series on Latino neighborhoods in Southern California. His photographs of Latinos in North Carolina is on exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh through April 2013.


Patty Weiss Gelenberg will be moving to downtown Seattle in early 2015, following her spouse’s retirement.


Susan Hymers is the owner of Creative Copy Writing. She writes that she is “married, happy and still writing! I’m very proud to be a graduate of the UA School of Journalism. It was still a ‘department’ when I was in school.” Susan lives in Aurora, Colo.


Carolyn Niethammer has published her first novel and 10th book, The Piano Player (Oak Tree Press). Some of the research was done when Carolyn accompanied her husband, Ford Burkhart, on many trips to Tombstone when he was the adviser for The Tombstone Epitaph in the 1980s and 90s. The book is available from all bookstores and on-line retailers in paper and e-book formats.
Frank Sotomayor married Barbara Benton on Aug. 24, 2013.


Karen Despain is a managing editor with Prescott Newspapers. Karen writes, “I won’t tell you how old I am – but you can probably guess. I am still going strong in the news business. Cheers to the memory of Sherman Miller – without him, I would have had no career as a journalist.”


Jim Johnson’s biography on artist Ted DeGrazia was published by the UA Press this spring. 


David Feldman is retired and living in San Diego where, he writes, he is “still kicking (but not as high).”


Mary-hill Gleason shares the following: “I am 97 years old. I worked on the old Citizen, 10 years with Bechtel, and 25 years with Lockheed Missiles and Space. During my last seven years there, I was liaison to three admirals, writing their congressional presentations for Polaris and Trident Missiles. I dropped out of UofA before graduating to take care of my mother, who was dying. Jack O’Conner was my professor!”

Abe Chanin ’47 — Feb. 1, 2014.
Tom Dau ’60 — April 18, 2013
Lynn DeBruin ’84 – Sept. 7, 2013
Eleanor Rice Feeney ’45 — April 21, 2014
William F. Greer ’70 – Feb. 8, 2014.
Elaine Hardin ’71 — Sept. 14, 2013
Jim Lamb — May 27, 2014. Former journalism faculty member and longtime reporter and columnist, Green Valley News
Keith Leighty ’76 — Nov. 17, 2013
Rosalie Carroll “Rosie” Muldoon, former adjunct instructor – July 6, 2014
Walter Nett ’76— April 23, 2014
Will Seberger ’05 — Aug. 17, 2014
Ramon Valdez (journalism student) — April 13, 2014
Charles Waters Jr. ’69 — Oct. 8, 2014

In Memoriam
Mildred Perelman Chanin — Oct. 16, 2012. Spouse of Abe Chanin, former professor and interim department head of the UA journalism program. Mrs. Chanin, a 1944 UA graduate, also served as co-publisher and business manager with her spouse of The Arizona Post, Tucson’s Jewish newspaper.
Reymundo Galvez ’10 — Sept. 9, 2012. Killed in a car accident on I-19 near Nogales, Ariz. Worked as an intern for the Nogales International.

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