New Bolles winner McGlothlin to utilize social media

Senior David McGlothlin, the 2016 Bolles Fellowship winner, blogs during the "With Conviction: Reporting on Science in the Courtroom" workshop in late September.

David McGlothlin, winner of the 2016 Don Bolles Fellowship, plans to cover the Arizona Legislature in a way many of his predecessors probably never dreamed of – through social media.

Besides filing traditional stories for Ari­zona Sonora News, the School of Journal­ism’s news service, McGlothlin is “looking forward to creating my own Twitter page, Facebook page, and consolidating all the information and the stories for the public” while covering the Legislature in the spring.

McGlothlin has some serious experience blogging, including updating a Facebook page for new professor Susan Swanberg’s “With Conviction: Reporting on Science in the Courtroom” all-day seminar at the UA law school in late September.

With the help of photographer Rebecca Noble, he cranked out nearly 20 posts and videos from the event.

“We did live updates from the event, try­ing to engage people and get more expo­sure,” McGlothlin said.

The fellowship is named for Don Bolles, the Arizona Republic reporter killed in 1976 while investigating organized crime. McGlothlin replaces David J. Del Grande, who declined the fellowship because of other obligations.

McGlothin, a senior who graduated from Phoenix St. Mary’s High School, said he is “excited” to work with UA journalism professor Terry Wimmer, the Bolles Fellow­ship adviser.

McGlothlin gained valuable experience as editor-in-chief of The Summer Wildcat, even though he said “it’s taken about 15 years off my life expectancy.”

He wants to be a professional journal­ist, but would like to focus on alternative storytelling.

“Instead of the traditional New York Times, 2,000-word block text story, I’d like to break that up and tell it in a way that gets people more engaged, so they’ll spend more time on the story,” McGlothlin said.

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Published Date: 

12/01/2015 - 12:55pm