"60-Year Spotlight" profiles grads from class of '51

Sixty years ago, UA journalism students reported on a different world, writing in longhand or banging on typewriter keys. They would go on to become editors, celebrity reporters, professors, and even a CIA intelligence analyst—all with fond memories of the program that shaped them. They remember the stress, the deadlines, and the valuable mentoring. They remember the Auto E that haunted even the earliest journalism students.

For the class of 1951, the journalism department served as a launching point, preparing its graduates to communicate at home and abroad, with presidents and celebrities. 

Read their stories:

Philip Waggener, 83, only worked on a newspaper staff for a year after his 1951 graduation from the UA School of Journalism, but those journalism skills would lead him from a tiny Arizona mining town to the corridors of the White House.

Patricia Smith Barnes, 83, remembers snapshots of her years in the program.

For Dave Feldman, 84, journalism meant a career of globetrotting. 

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