Faculty Kudos - Week of Feb. 24, 2014

School Director David Cuillier will be traveling and speaking this spring as president of the Society of Professional Journalists, including talks in Kansas City, Honolulu, and Washington, D.C. On March 11 he will testify before a congressional committee on improvements needed in the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, and on March 14 attend the Unity Diversity Summit in Washington, D.C., to help journalism organizations strengthen diversity.

Sarah Garrecht Gassen will be hosting “Arizona Illustrated Politics” about once a month on Arizona Public Media.

On Feb. 28, Celeste González de Bustamante presented a paper titled “Professionalism in flux: journalists’ self-reflectionsabout their work in northern Mexico,” based on the research she and Jeannine E. Relly are conducting about violence and journalism in Mexico. The paper was presented at a conference titled, “Research Horizons on Journalism Studies,” which was held at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. 

Myiah Hutchens has two articles in press. They are: Hutchens, M. J.,Hmielowski, J. D., & Beam, M. A. (in press). Rush, Rachel and Rx: Modeling partisan media’s influence on structural knowledge of healthcare policy. Mass Communication and Society; and Hutchens, M. J., Cicchirillio, V. J., & Hmielowski, J. D. (in press).  HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT?!?!: Understanding intentions to engage in political flaming. New Media and Society. doi: 10.1177/1461444814522947. The New Media and Society article can be seen in the Online First version here

Renee Schafer Horton won the UA’s Professional Academic Advisor Award Feb. 24. She won the “Emerging Professional” advising award in 2012 for advisers with one to three years' experience. The honor comes with a $500 prize and puts her in the running for the national professional advisor award. She is the only adviser at the UA to ever have won both awards.

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