Mentorship Program

The University of Arizona School of Journalism has started a mentorship program to help students connect with media professionals.

Freshmen, transfer students and others who are enrolled in Principles of Journalism (JOUR 105) — or have taken the class recently — will be matched each semester with UA journalism alums and other professionals. Through these initial contacts, students will learn how the media industry operates and is changing, how to find an internship and how to grow a network of contacts.

“The school hopes the program will help retain students — and help them stay engaged and excited about their major in their first year,” said Professor Carol Schwalbe. “The program also lets alums stay engaged with current students and the school.”

Mentors will spend at least 15 minutes a month meeting with students through email, text, phone, Zoom, Google Hangout or Facetime. The conversations will focus on the student’s career path, the mentor’s current job, career advice and how to find internships.

If you’re a student interested in participating in the program, please fill out the survey below. If you're a professional interested in the program, please fill out the volunteer survey below.

Questions can be directed to Internship Coordinator Rachel Mosteller or Academic Adviser Paloma Boykin. The surveys will help the school match mentors with students who share similar media career interests or aspirations.