School of Journalism launches Accelerated Master's Program: Students can earn a B.A. and M.A. degree in five years -- March 2011


The Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) enables undergraduate students who have a minimum 3.3 GPA to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in five years. Students apply for admission in spring of their junior year. If they are accepted into this program, they can take 12 graduate credits in their fourth year and at least 12 credits in their fifth year. In the fifth year they could take four electives and their project or thesis.

The journalism undergraduate major requires 33 credits. Many students have 24 of those credits by the start of their spring junior year. In the AMP, they would have 12 journalism graduate credits at the end of their senior year (Jour 539, 590s or 597, 508 and 589). This is the maximum allowed. In combination with their undergraduate journalism credits, AMP students will have completed all required classes for the M.A. degree.

AMP students also must take at least 12 graduate credits in their fifth year. Under the plan outlined below, they would take four electives in the fifth year, plus do a thesis or professional project. AMP students also may take as many graduate courses outside the journalism major as the Graduate College allows.

Spring Freshman Year: JOUR 105 (3 credits)
Fall Sophomore Year: JOUR 203, 205 and 208 (9 credits)
Spring Sophomore Year: JOUR 306, 307 (6 credits)
Fall Junior Year: JOUR 320A, 380 or 411 (if broadcasting, JOUR 380 and 385) (6 credits)
Spring Junior Year: JOUR 413 (3 credit)
Total JOUR credits upon entering AMP = 27

Fall Senior Year: JOUR 539, 590A-D or 597 (choose one) (6 graduate credits)
AMP students form their committees by end of fall semester
Spring Senior Year: JOUR 508, 589 (6 graduate credits)
Total JOUR credits after four years = 39 credits

Fall Fifth Year: Student selects 9 graduate credits
Spring Fifth Year: Student selects 6 graduate credits

Possible fifth-year JOUR master's electives: JOUR 509, 522, 533, 547, 560, 590s, 593, 596D, 596F,
596I, 597B, 597C, 597D, 599.

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