Faculty Members

Carol Schwalbe's picture
Carol Schwalbe
School Director, Professor
Email: cschwalbe@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-300-0693
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 334B

Research focuses on the role of images in shaping ideas and public opinion during the Cold War, ethical concerns about publishing violent images, the visual framing of war and the role of the news media in advancing government accountability. Teaches classes on reporting, editing, science...
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David Cuillier's picture
David Cuillier
Associate Professor
Email: cuillier@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6223 (best reached by email)
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 337

Dr. Cuillier is on research leave for 2018-19.
Researches citizen and press access to government information, including public attitudes toward freedom of information, the state of access, and strategies for increasing transparency. He also teaches data journalism and...
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Geoff Ellwand's picture
Geoff Ellwand
Associate Professor of Practice
Email: gellwand@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2022
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 323C

A veteran broadcast journalist and former criminal defense lawyer, his main research interests include, the media, the law and history. His scholarly writing includes exploring how handwritten wills, including a will scratched into the fender of a tractor, have been dealt with by courts around...
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Shahira Fahmy, Ph.D.'s picture
Shahira Fahmy, Ph.D.
Email: sfahmy@email.arizona.edu
Office: Geronimo Room 125

Dr. Shahira S. Fahmy (Ph.D., Missouri School of Jorunalism) is an internationally renowned scholar in the fields of peace journalism and visual communication, editor of one book and author and co-author of three books, and about 200 refereed articles, book chapters, monographs and conference...
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Rogelio Garcia's picture
Rogelio Garcia
Assistant Professor of Practice
Email: rgarcia3@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-9134
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 339

Rogelio Garcia joined the permanent faculty in a half-time position in 2014, having taught as an adjunct instructor since 2008. He has 17 years' experience in professional video production that includes video newsgathering, documentary production, cinematography, and commercial work. 

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Celeste González de Bustamante's picture
Celeste González de Bustamante
Associate Professor
Email: celesteg@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-3189
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 336

Teaches courses on reporting in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands and Latin America, and television news writing, reporting and production. Dr. González de Bustamante, an affiliated faculty member of the UA Center for Latin American Studies, conducts research on: the history and development of...
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Susan Knight's picture
Susan Knight
Associate Professor of Practice
Email: smknight@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-3191
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 330

Prof. Knight is on professional leave for Spring 2019.
Teaching areas include reporting public affairs, feature writing, journalism ethics and the Principles of Journalism course taught to journalism pre-majors. She also serves as faculty mentor to new professors and...
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Linda Lumsden's picture
Linda Lumsden
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, affiliated with Gender and Women's Studies
Email: lumsden@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-3635
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 338

Her latest book, Social Justice Journalism: A Cultural History of Social Movement Media from Abolition to #womensmarch, will be by published by Peter Lang Ltd. in summer 2019. Her historiography in American Journalism's Special Issue: Woman Suffrage and the Media (...
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Michael McKisson's picture
Michael McKisson
Associate Professor of Practice
Email: mckisson@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-7556
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 331

Michael McKisson is the chief technology nerd on the faculty. He is currently working with students on virtual reality and 360-degree-video storytelling, drone videography and sensor journalism. He holds a Part 107 FAA Certification allowing him to teach students to use drones in their reporting...
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Kim Newton's picture
Kim Newton
Professor of Practice
Email: newtonk@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5711
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 327

Research and teaching areas are multimedia journalism, visual journalism, photojournalism and international photojournalism. Newton has led multimedia Study Abroad courses in Orvieto, Italy, and served as picture editor for news agencies in Washington, D.C., and London and worked as a freelancer...
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Jeannine Elisa Relly's picture
Jeannine Elisa Relly
Associate Professor
Email: jrelly@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-8680
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 326

Dr. Jeannine Relly's research focuses on global influences on news media systems, government information policy, press-state relations, and democratic institutions, including freedom of expression and access to public information in countries that often are in conflict or in political or...
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Mort Rosenblum's picture
Mort Rosenblum
Professor of Practice
Email: mortr@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-7609
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 323B

Mort Rosenblum, reporter, author, and educator, has covered stories on seven continents since the 1960s, from war in Biafra to tango dancing by the Seine. He was editor of the International Herald Tribune; special correspondent for The Associated Press; AP bureau chief in Africa, Southeast Asia...
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William Schmidt's picture
William Schmidt
Professor of Practice
Email: wschmidt@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5909
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 335

William Schmidt is the former deputy managing editor of The New York Times. He teaches courses in advanced reporting and feature writing. Schmidt spent 32 years with The Times before retiring...
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Nancy A. Sharkey's picture
Nancy A. Sharkey
Professor of Practice, Associate Director, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Email: nsharkey@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6385
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 332

Spent more than 25 years in various editorial positions at The New York Times. Teaches courses on reporting, editing and reporting public affairs. Also taught for more than 20 years as an adjunct professor in Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism...
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Susan Swanberg's picture
Susan Swanberg
Assistant Professor
Email: swanberg@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 916 730-7550
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: 328 Marshall

Susan E. Swanberg, M.A., M.S., J.D., Ph.D. is a former criminal lawyer and bench scientist who conducted research in telomere biology and autism genetics. She is now an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Arizona School of Journalism where she teaches news reporting, science...
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Maggy Zanger's picture
Maggy Zanger
Professor of Practice
Email: zanger@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5710 or 520-661-2742
FAX: 520-621-7557
Office: Marshall Room 323D

Teaching and research focuses on international journalism, the Middle East and Islamic world, US-Mexico Border; media coverage of conflict and humanitarian crises; Iraq, Egypt, Kurdistan; media development; and community journalism. Affialited faculty and serve on the Governing Board of the UA...
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