Duncan Moon

Adjunct Instructor

Duncan Moon is a reporter at Arizona Public Media. As a staff correspondent for MonitoRadio, based in London, he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and German Reunification, the first Bush-Gorbachev Summit, the 1st Gulf War from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait, and the 2nd Intifadeh (Palestinian Uprising) and rise of Hamas from the West Bank and Gaza. He also served as International News Editor, Washington Bureau Chief, and Managing Editor. As a staff editor and Religion Correspondent for NPR, he covered President George W. Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative, Islam in America following 9/11, the changing face of international Islam, the Roman Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal, and the final years and legacy of Pope John Paul II. Duncan also spent 7 winters in Alaska as News Director and VP of Content Production at the Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN). Duncan was the Managing Editor of the Southern Education Desk (SED) a CPB-funded Local Journalism Center comprising 8 public radio and television stations across the southeast that focused exclusively on challenges facing education in the south.