Randa Abdu

M.A. Student

  • Specialty: Global Journalism
  • Areas of interest: Documentary, global reporting, multimedia
  • Undergrad Degree: Communication, University of Arizona
  • Hometown: Amman, Jordan
  • Background/goals: Main goals include being able to write and report, travel abroad, and learn about the different issues and matters that countries encounter and write/talk about them. It is crucial to me that I provide people with accurate information throughout my reporting so that they can come up with the right decisions that suit them and the society they live in. I would like to establish good knowledge regarding countries with rich histories and inform people about the things I experience while learning and discovering them.
  • Why UA: The program that the UA provides for the field of journalism seems informative and straight to the point as it includes all the material that students need to be prepared for the practical life after school. The faculty and staff members at the UA School of Journalism seem to show significant caring for their students and have professional experiences that benefit all of the Journalism students. The program also seems to assist students in acquiring internships opportunities that benefit their career after graduating.