Renée Schafer Horton

Internship & Career Development Coordinator

Renée Schafer Horton is the coordinator for internships and career development at the School of Journalism. Schafer Horton spent two decades in journalism as an education reporter, a parenting/lifestyle columnist and a religion reporter. Currently she is a twice-monthly op-ed columnist for the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson’s local daily paper and the largest daily in Southern Arizona.

Schafer Horton won state and national awards for her reporting and commentary before joining the School as the academic adviser from 2011 to 2014. In 2012, she received the Emerging Professional Advisor Award from the UA and was named Best Professional Advisor at the university in 2013. She also won national recognition for academic advising during that time and gave presentations on advising as teaching at national conferences. After a short posting at Pima Community College working in the training of academic advisors, Schafer Horton returned to the School in the summer of 2015 as coordinator for internships and career development. Immediately upon her return she was asked by the Vice President of Academic Affairs to serve on the Academic Program Review for the University of Arizona’s academic advising programs.

Schafer Horton earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oregon State University with a minor in forestry. She also completed a post-baccalaureate secondary education teacher certification program and taught high school ESL and English literature for a short time. When she’s not trying to get students to make good choices for their futures, or change opinions via op-ed writing, she blogs at ReneeWroteThis.