Security 360°: J-students create online border project, Tucson Weekly series


Read Kendal Blust's March 3 cover story.

Click here for the students' multimedia online project on the border. 

University of Arizona journalism students have produced a multimedia series, Security 360°, in conjunction with the Tucson Weekly that explores the effect of increasing and sustained militarization in Ambos Nogales and the entire 362-mile border between Arizona and Sonora.

Graduate student Kendal Blust wrote the March 3 cover story, the first in a series being published by the Weekly.

The series includes a full online project with more information, maps, photos, graphics, media and a 360-degree virtual reality video of the border in Ambos Nogales.

Led by UA journalism professor Celeste González de Bustamante, a team of student reporters explored aspects of the border from the history of militarization, responses of residents to security, the social and economic costs and the future of security in the region. The multimedia effort aims to improve public understanding about militarization, and what it means to the people who live on both sides of the Arizona-Sonora border.

The multimedia project is broken into five sections: "The Mapa, Security costs, Fontera Formations, Becoming an Agent and Future of Security."

About the series

Reporters: Sophie S. Alves, Kendal Blust, Amanda Burkey, Justin Campbell, Mónica Contreras, Alex Devoid, Carolina Espinoza, Alejandra Fisher, Ana Ilie, James Myers, Taylor Nye, Hana Pape, Kristina Savage, Barbara Teso, Lia Vásquez, Alicia Vega, Madison Yuill

Project designer: Kedi Xia

Adviser: Professor Celeste González de Bustamante

Acknowledgements: César Barron, Radio XENY; Miriam Davidson; Jennifer Hijazi, UA journalism graduate student; Professor Mike McKisson, UA School of Journalism; Nogales Community Development; Santos Yescas; Nils Urman; the people of Ambos Nogales; Pimería Alta Historical Society; UA Office of Student Engagement; and University of Arizona Santa Cruz, Nogales, Arizona

Published Date: 

03/03/2016 - 10:14am