Standard 4 Faculty

Standard 4 Faculty

4.a. Faculty Biographies and CV's

David Cuillier bio and CV
Geoff Ellwand bio and CV
Shahira Fahmy bio and CV
Rogelio Garcia bio and CV
Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante bio and CV
Susan Knight bio and CV
Linda Lumsden bio and CV
Mike McKisson bio and CV
Kim Newton bio and CV
Jeannine E. Relly bio and CV
Mort Rosenblum bio and CV
William Schmidt bio and CV
Carol Schwalbe bio and CV
Nancy Sharkey bio and CV
Susan E. Swanberg bio and CV
Terry Wimmer bio and CV
Maggy Zanger bio and CV

4.b. Adjunct Faculty Biographies Resumes (Fall 2017)

Tom Beal bio and resume
Fred Brock bio and resume
Michael Chihak bio and resume
Mike Christy bio and resume
Shannon Conner bio and resume
Christopher Conover bio and resume
Brett Fera bio and resume
Joe Ferguson bio and resume
Lorraine Florez bio and resume
Sarah Gassen bio and resume
Jim Mitchell bio and resume
Daniel Ramirez bio and resume

4.c. Job Posts

Assistant Professor, tenure-track (2014)
Associate Professor of Practice (partner hire 2017)
Adjunct instructor

4.d. FacultyAdjunct Teaching Composition Spreadsheet

4.e. Records on Faculty Promotion and Tenure

School Promotion and Tenure Policy
University Promotion and Tenure Policy
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Promotion and Tenure Policy
Course Evaluation Forms (TCE)
School Annual Review Policy for Faculty
Annual Review Memo to Faculty (2016)
School Career Conversation Form for Staff


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