Student Work

Delbert Roach

Oliver Ray

Border Patrol memorial

Odell Borg

One hallmark of our program is that every student must work on one of the news media produced by the school for real communities.

These news media include two newspapers with dedicated websites; two online magazines; a video newsmagazine; and Arizona-Sonora News Service, a service that offers readers and media outlets the best journalism being produced by students in the University of Arizona School of Journalism.

Samples of student work:

"Couple tunes into the town's soulful touch"

Delbert Roach had to bite his tongue when his dad surprised him with a musical instrument one afternoon in 1945.


"Coffee and Vibes Brew at Cafe Aqui"

It is 1995 in Guatemala and the winter chill is setting into the pitch-black night. Oliver Ray lies amidst a wild coffee bean orchard outside of Lake Atitlán.



"College Republicans Set Up Memorial To Border Patrol Agents"

If you walked along the mock-border wall during Immigration Week last week, you would have seen that most of the exhibits were very anti-wall. Most took a pro-immigration status––one even questioned how large, migratory animals could survive with their habitat divided––but the consensus was pretty clear: tear down the wall. Late Tuesday night, however, another exhibit was put up.



"Patagonia flute maker spreads music worldwide"

For Odell Borg, one of the most elusive qualities of a good flute is consistency. “Nowadays, when you’re playing with other instruments, be it guitar, piano or any other instrument, it has to be in a certain key,” said Borg, owner and chief craftsman at High Spirit Flutes in Patagonia.




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