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Dr. Swanberg teaches courses in science journalism. Dr. Swanberg has conducted research on "junk" DNA, telomere biology and autism genetics. She has published both peer-reviewed scientific articles and science articles for the public. As an incoming assistant professor at the University of Arizona School of Journalism, Dr. Swanberg hopes to impart to her students the importance of journalism in a democratic society, and the value of writing about science for the public. Her research program will focus on the role of propaganda in the history of science journalism, the knowledge gap between scientists and science journalists, gatekeeping in science journalism and framing of health risks in the media.

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Susan Swanberg
Assistant Professor


B.A. University of Oregon (psychology)
J.D. University of Oregon School of Law (law)
M.S. Sacramento State University (biological sciences)
Ph.D. University of California, Davis (genetics)
M.A. University of Arizona (journalism)