GLO 475: Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation

For individuals who would like to start their own media company, create a new product or service within existing media companies or learn what it takes to become a media entrepreneur, then this course will help start them off on the path. In seven weeks, students will work towards creating and presenting the business plan for a new news media or other media venture, or a digital product of their choice, such as podcasts or mobile apps. This plan will be heavy on researching the market and strategizing next steps towards the launch of an entrepreneurial venture or career. Along the way, they will gain knowledge about the current state of the media field, what qualities an entrepreneur possesses, what kind of ventures are launched in the (mostly western) media market, different revenue and business models utilized in extant media ventures and the toolkit they need to plan and pitch their entrepreneurial offering. Students will learn to write a business plan that not only explains their new idea/venture but also the market, the competition, the revenue model and their strategy for the project’s sustainability. This business plan will serve as students’ final deliverable for the course.