Zenger Award for Press Freedom

Dana Priest
The Washington Post (2016 winner)
• See her speech and Q-and-A

Kathy Gannon
The Associated Press (2015 winner)
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Tom Arviso Jr.
Navajo Times (2009 winner)
• See his speech

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Since 1954, the University of Arizona journalism program has awarded the Zenger Award for Press Freedom to a journalist who fights for freedom of the press and the people’s right to know.

It is named for a husband-and-wife team of pioneering journalists, John Peter and Anna Catherine Zenger. John Peter was editor of the New York Weekly Journal in 1734 when he was jailed by British colonial authorities on charges of seditious libel. He had criticized the corrupt administration of New York’s governor, William Cosby. While Zenger was imprisoned, Anna Catherine continued to publish the newspaper.

John Peter Zenger’s subsequent trial and acquittal is considered a landmark case in the history of freedom of the press, helping to lay the foundation for the First Amendment. Past Zenger Award winners include Walter Cronkite, Bill Moyers and Katherine Graham.

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