A word from 2023 Zenger Awardee Lyse Doucet

Oct. 17, 2023

2023 Zenger Award dinner to be rescheduled for 2024

Doucet in Israel

Following the postponement of the 2023 Zenger Award for Press Freedom gala, this year’s awardee, Lyse Doucet, reached out to the University of Arizona School of Journalism with an inspiring message from overseas.

Doucet is in the Middle East reporting on the Israel-Hamas war and to allow her to stay there to produce quality journalism, Doucet will be honored at the Zenger Award gala held next year.

“This is truly a story that not just Israelis and Palestinians have to know about — the rest of the world has to know about. This is a time when journalism matters,” Doucet said in a video recorded in Sderot, Israel.

The Zenger Award, given by the school since 1954, honors those who fight for freedom of the press and the people’s right to know.

Docuet’s decision to continue her international coverage echoes those values and reinforces why the School of Journalism named her the 2023 Zenger Award for Press Freedom recipient.

“It matters to me to be here, and I hope it matters to you,” Doucet said.

The School of Journalism, which helps train the next generation of international journalists through its dual degree programs and advance research through the Center for Border and Global Journalism, would like to thank Lyse Doucet for her commitment to journalism and we look forward to honoring her during next year’s Zenger Award ceremony.

To get a refund for your 2023 Zenger Award event ticket, please email us at journal@arizona.edu