Student Clubs


The School of Journalism proudly sponsors several clubs for journalism students interested in taking their learning and involvement beyond the classroom. You’ll open yourself to possible fellowships, internships, and scholarships by being a part of these and other organizations!

Society of Professional Journalists

The University of Arizona’s student chapter of Society of Professional Journalists is the oldest student organization in the School of Journalism. The student chapter of this national organization won regional honors three years in a row for its activities focused on journalism ethics, training, outreach, diversity and freedom of information

Advisor: Professor Pate McMichael

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Women in Journalism Club

This student club strives to foster a supportive environment where women in journalism can share experiences and overcome challenges, provide skills training, connect aspiring journalists with industry professionals, and engage in mentorship and collaboration, both in and outside of the major.

Advisor: Professor Kendal Blust 

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National Association of Hispanic Journalists

The student chapter works to increase the recruitment and involvement of young Hispanic journalists and to enable all journalists to better cover their diverse communities. Our chapter works with The New York Times Student Journalism Institute, which in 2012 chose the School of Journalism as the exclusive site for its 12-day training to be held every other year in May.

Advisor: Professor Liliana Soto


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Investigative Reporters

Students interested in investigative reporting share story ideas, newsgathering techniques and news sources. They are encouraged to join Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc., which provides members access to thousands of reporting tipsheets and other materials through its Resource Center and hosts conferences and specialized training.

Advisor: TBD

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National Press Photographers Association

The National Press Photographers Association, according to its website, "is the leading voice advocating for the work of visual journalists today. Founded in the days of sheet film box cameras and newsreels," the organization supports working news photographers, videographers and multimedia journalists.

Advisor: TBD

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