Undergraduate Courses

BJP 410: Latinx & the News Media in the United States
BJP 411: Global Latinxs: Diasporic Transnationalism and Media in Latin America, Europe and Asia
GLO 101: Studies of Global Media: Origins and Approaches
GLO 201: Visual Journalism
GLO 301: Media, Culture and Societies
GLO 402: The Future of Media and Technology
GLO 403: Media & Global Terrorism
GLO 405: Media & Climate Change
GLO 430: Social Movement Media in a Global Context
GLO 435: Media Ethics and Representation in a Global Context
GLO 440: Freedom of Expression and the Right to Information
GLO 445: Media, War & Peace
GLO 450: Media & the Environment
GLO 455: Media & Human Rights
GLO 460: Disinformation & Information Security in a Global Media Context
GLO 465: Science Misinformation, Disinformation, Media & the Public
GLO 470: Documentary Studies
GLO 480: Digital Media Law in a Global Context: Frameworks & Perspectives
GLO 490: Media and Humanitarian Crises
JOUR 105: Principles of Journalism
JOUR 150C1: News in Society: The Printing Press to Fake News (non-majors)
JOUR 203: Photojournalism
JOUR 205: Reporting the News
JOUR 208: Law of the Press (Fall Only)
JOUR 280: Beginning TV Writing
JOUR 303: Sports and the Media
JOUR 305: Full STEM Ahead: Science and the News
JOUR 306: Advanced Reporting
JOUR 307: Principles of Multimedia
JOUR 308: Sports Journalism
JOUR 320: Editing
JOUR 344: Journalism, Gender and Multiculturalism
JOUR 385: Beginning Television Reporting and Production
JOUR 401B: Travel Writing (1 unit)
JOUR 405: Media Apprenticeship
JOUR 411: Feature Writing
JOUR 420: Digital Communications Law
JOUR 424: Magazine Photography: Documentary Storytelling for Publication
JOUR 428: Product Development in Journalism
JOUR 432: Social Justice Movement Media: History, Functions, and Theory
JOUR 433: Digging with Data
JOUR 435D: Food Journalism: The literature of growing, cooking and eating our meals
JOUR 439: Ethics and Diversity in the News Media (Spring Only)
JOUR 447: Art of Access: Info Sleuthing
JOUR 455: Environmental Journalism
JOUR 458: Opinion Writing
JOUR 460: International Media Systems
JOUR 465: Issues in Covering Science and the Environment
JOUR 472: Science Journalism
JOUR 473: Reporting in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
JOUR 480: Advanced Multimedia
JOUR 482: Drone Zone: Become a licensed drone pilot
JOUR 484: Mobile App Development
JOUR 486: Health Journalism
JOUR 489: Survey of Research Methods
JOUR 490C: Arizona Cat’s Eye
JOUR 490F: Arizona-Sonora News
JOUR 493: Part-Time Internship (2 unit)
JOUR 497B: Advanced Photojournalism
JOUR 497S: Sports Broadcast Journalism: Friday Night Lights! (1 unit)