Digital Journalism


Changes in technologies and communication tools have presented journalists and news organizations with a variety of challenges and opportunities.

Need for Digital and Broadcast Journalism

Demands on today’s journalists require advanced storytelling skills that include expertise in visual story gathering and production, the incorporation of social media, data mining, and app and web design to compete in a modern media environment. To meet these complex challenges, the School of Journalism provides students with the opportunity to advance their digital storytelling skills through courses in advanced multimedia and photojournalism, audio reporting and podcasting, mobile app development, media entrepreneurship, digital communications law and data mining. The broadcast track provides students with advanced courses needed to build up their skills in television reporting, writing and production.

Digital Undergraduate and Graduate Specialties

The B.A. in Journalism and M.A. in Journalism programs offer tracks in Digital Journalism. In addition to core journalism courses, students can choose electives from the following classes:

  • JOUR 420/520: Digital Communication Law
  • JOUR 428/528: Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • JOUR 433/533: Digging with Data
  • JOUR 447/547: Art of Access: Info Sleuthing
  • JOUR 480/580: Advanced Multimedia
  • JOUR 482/582: Drone Zone
  • JOUR 484/584: Mobile App Development
  • JOUR 493/593: Internship specializing in digital storytelling
  • JOUR 497B/597B: Advanced Photojournalism in Italy

Broadcast Undergraduate Specialty

The B.A. in Journalism program offers a track in Broadcast Journalism that include core journalism classes and the following courses: 

  • JOUR 280: Beginning Television Writing
  • JOUR 385: Beginning Television Reporting and Production
  • JOUR 390: Arizona Cat's Eye

Study Abroad

Our study abroad program in Italy provides students with an opportunity to advance their visual storytelling skills in an international setting.

Faculty Expertise

Many of our faculty specialize in teaching multimedia, mobile technologies, data journalism and emerging media.


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