Dual M.A. Bilingual Journalism/Studies of Global Media

Attain an immersive experience in bilingual global journalism, and work as a professional journalist covering global issues, working abroad or serving multilingual communities. This program provides the basic underlying skills and knowledge needed to understand bilingual journalism as practiced in the United States, amplified by a greater understanding of how the media interact with nations, human rights, social movements, and culture.

Course Requirements 

You must complete a minimum of 51 units to earn dual master’s degrees in Bilingual Journalism (BJP) and Studies of Global Media (GLO).

Bilingual Journalism Courses (18 units)


BJP 512           Covering Latinx Affairs 1: Bilingual Multimedia Reporting (3 units)

BJP 513            Covering Latinx Affairs II: Bilingual Multimedia Reporting (3 units)

Electives: Select 4 of any elective below from BJP, JOUR, LAS, MAS or SPAN (12 units)

JOUR 505        Media Apprentice (3 units)

JOUR 506        Introductory and Advanced Reporting (3 units)

JOUR 507        Reporting with Multimedia (3 units)

JOUR 511        Feature Writing (3 units)

JOUR 573        Reporting in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (3 units)

JOUR 593        Internship (3 units)

LAS 505           Sabores de Mexico: From Farm to Table (3 units)

LAS 518           Southwest Land and Society (3 units)

LAS 545           Democratization in Latin America: Advances and Setbacks (3 units)

LAS 550           Qualitative Research Methods in Latin America (3 units)

LAS 560           Film and Feminism in Latin America (3 units)

LAS 562           Special Topics in Contemporary Latin America (3 units)

LAS 567           Twentieth-Century Latin America (3 units)

LAS 568           Studies in Latin American Music (3 units)

LAS 569           Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History (3 units)

LAS 570           The Feminization of Migration: Global Perspectives (3 units)

LAS 595A         Latin American Studies (3 units)

MAS 508         The Mexican-American: A Cultural Perspective (3 units)

MAS 509         Mexican Immigration (3 units)

MAS 510         Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health (3 units)

MAS 525         Latino Health Disparities (3 units)

SPAN 501        Introduction to Hispanic Studies (3 units)

SPAN 565D      History of Spain: Contemporary (3 units)

SPAN 574        Language in the Mexican American Experience (3 units)

SPAN 574        Heritage Language Research (3 units)

SPAN 696D      Hispanic Linguistics (3 units)

POR 503          Contemporary Luso-Brazilian Literature (3 units)

POR 530          Brazilian Civilization (3 units)

Other electives allowed upon approval of the school

Shared Bilingual Journalism/Studies of Global Media Courses (15 units)

BJP 510           Latinxs and the News Media in the U.S. (3 units)

BJP 511           Global Latinx: Diasporic Transnationalism (3 units)

GLO 535          Media, Ethics and Representation in a Global Context (3 units)

GLO 560          Disinformation & Information (3 units)

JOUR 909        Project or JOUR 593 Internship - bilingual (3 units)

Studies of Global Media Courses (18 units)

Required: Select 1 below (3 units)

GLO 540          Freedom of Expression & Right to Information (3 units)

GLO 580          Digital Media Law in a Global Context: Frameworks & Perspectives (3 units)

Electives: Select 4 of any GLO elective below (12 units)

GLO 502          The Future of Media and Technology (3 units)

GLO 503          Media & Global Terrorism (3 units)

GLO 505          Media & Climate Change (3 units)

GLO 507          Building Digital Audiences Across the World (3 units)

GLO 530          Social Movement Media in a Global Context (3 units)

GLO 535          Media, Ethics and Representation in a Global Context (3 units)

GLO 545          Media, War & Peace (3 units)

GLO 550          Media & the Environment (3 units)

GLO 555          Media & Human Rights (3 units)

GLO 560          Disinformation & Information Security in a Global Media Context (3 units)

GLO 565          Science Misinformation, Disinformation, Media & the Public (3 units)

GLO 570          Documentary Studies (3 units)

GLO 575          Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 units)

GLO 580          Digital Media Law in a Global Context: Frameworks & Perspectives (3 units)

GLO 590          Media & Humanitarian Crises (3 units)


For more information on application and administrative questions:
E-mail: sbs-jour-grad@arizona.edu  


For advising and curriculum questions about the Studies of Global Media M.A.:

Monica Chadha
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


For advising and curriculum questions about the Bilingual Journalism M.A.:

Jessica Retis
Professor. Director, School of Journalism
Director, Bilingual Journalism Program


Liliana Soto
Assistant Professor of Practice
Assistant Director, Bilingual Journalism Program