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Jessica Retis

Retis, J. & Román-Velazquez, P. (2021). Latin Americans in London: Mapping digital diasporas in: David Dalton & David Ramírez (Eds.) Imagining Latinidad: Digital Diasporas and Public Engagement, Boston: Brill.

Retis, J. (2020). Understanding Ethnic journalism in an extinguishing print news media landscape: How the oldest Japanese-language newspaper in Brazil confronts generational change”. In: Gladkova, A. and Jamil, S. (Eds.) Ethnic Journalism in the Global South. Palgrave (forthcoming).

Retis, J. (2020). “Latino News Media” in: Edition. Borchard, G. (Ed). Encyclopedia of Journalism. 2nd New York: Sage (forthcoming).

Retis, J. (2019) Migrations and the Media between Asia and Latin America: Japanese-Brazilians in Tokyo and São Paulo. In: Kevin Smets, Koen Leurs, Myria Georgiou, Saskia Witteborn and Radhika Gajjala (Eds.) The Sage Handbook of Media & Migration, Sage, 297-308. ISBN: 9781526447210.

Retis, J. (2019) Homogenizing heterogeneity in transnational contexts. Contemporary Latin American Diasporas and the Media in the global North. In: Jessica Retis and Roza Tsagarousianou (Eds.) The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture, Willey-Blackwell, 115-136. ISBN: 978-1-119-23670-2.

Tsagarousianou, R. & Retis, J. (2019) Diasporas, Media, and Culture. Exploring Dimensions of Human Mobility and Connectivity in the Era of Global Interdependency. In: Jessica Retis and Roza Tsagarousianou (Eds.) The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture, Hoboken, NJ: Willey Blackwell, 1-20. ISBN: 978-1-119-23670-2.

Retis, J. (2018). Hashtag Jóvenes Latinos: Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Civic Advocacy Journalism in “Glocal” Contexts. In: Mari Castañeda and Joseph Krupczynski (Eds.) Learning from Diverse Latina/o Communities: Social Justice Approaches to Civic Engagement. Palgrave, 229-250. ISBN: 978-1433147265.

Cardenas, L., Bustamante C. and Retis, J. (2019). To tweet for solidarity or just report the news? Comparing social media strategies of Spanish language and English language TV networks. Television and New Media, 21(3), March, 1-24. DOI: 10.1177/1527476419893792.

Ferrández Ferrer, A. and Retis, J. (2019). Ethnic Minority Media: Between Hegemony and Resistance. Journal for Alternative and Community Media, Vol. 3, Num 3, 1-13.

Schmitz-Weiss, A. and Retis, J. (2018). ‘I don’t Like Math, That’s Why I am in Journalism’: Journalism Students Perceptions and Myths about Data Journalism. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 28(1) 1-13. DOI 10.1177/1326365X18780418

Retis, J. (2018). Inmigrantes latinoamericanos en ciudades globales: aproximaciones interdisciplinarias en el análisis de las practices comunicativas, mediáticas y culturales (Latin American immigrants in global cities: interdisciplinary approaches in the analysis of communicative, media and cultural practices). Contratexto, num 30, 20-40. ISSN 1025-9945 DOI 10.26439/contratexto2018.n030.3147

(Recent Monographs)

Retis, J. (2019). Hispanic Media Today: Serving bilingual and bicultural audiences in the digital age. Washington: Democracy Fund.

Retis, J., Badillo, A. and Lopez Cobo, A. (2019). La circulación de la cultura en español en las ciudades globales de los Estados Unidos: Los Ángeles, Nueva York, Miami. (Spanish-language culture circuits in U.S. global cities: Los Angeles, New York, Miami.), Madrid: Real Instituto Elcano. ISBN: 978-84-92983-18-6.

Jeannine Relly

Chordiya, R., Sabharwal, M., Relly, J.E., & Berman, E. (2019). Organizational protection for whistleblowers: A cross-national study. Public Management Review. doi:10.1080/14719037.2019.1599058 

Relly, J.E. & Hutchens, M.J. (2019). The influence of ‘dark networks’ on citizens’ confidence in democratic institutions in Mexico. The Social Science Journal, 56(4), 555-564. https://bit.ly/2ORJ7qX

Relly, J.E. & R. Pakanati (2018) Freedom of information lessons from India: Collaboration, coproduction and rights-based agenda building, Journalism. https://doi.org/10.1177/1464884918817032

Susan E. Swanberg

Swanberg. S.E. (2019) Psychological Armor: The Science News-Letter Warns Against Propaganda (1926–1965), Journalism Studies, 20:13, 1883-1902, doi:10.1080/1461670X.2018.1541754

Carol Schwalbe

Schwalbe, C.B., J.E. Relly, S.A. Cruikshank, & E.H. Schwalbe (2018) Human Security as a Conceptual Framework: The Case of Palestinian Journalists. Journalism Studies, 20:1920-1939.