Graduate Student Theses & Projects

Students have the opportunity to work with award-winning faculty on theses and professional projects that examine a variety of subjects.


Alisa Ivanitskaya (’20 M.A.)

Food and the Desert

A project about food security in Arizona. (Professional project)

Nina Kolodij (’20 M.A.)

Speaking Science-ese

Science communication from every angle. (Professional project)

Meridith O'Neil (’20 M.A.)

A Handful of Spice

A podcast that looks at belonging and nostalgia through food. (Professional project)

Justin Wylie (’20 M.A.)

Just a Kid & a Ball

A podcast that focuses on the local and global challenges African-American student-athletes face in society. (Professional project)

Justin Sayers (’19 M.A.)

Redistricting Arizona in 2020

Could an increasingly politically diverse Arizona remain a Republican stronghold? (Professional project)



Lauren Trench (’19 M.A.)

Ironwood Forest National Monument

Named for its dense population of ironwood trees, the monument is home to more than 674 diverse species, including the last indigenous population of bighorn sheep in southern Arizona. However, the monument faces threats. (Professional project)

Jasmine Demers (’19 M.A.)

42 Repeats

A family’s multigenerational battle with Huntington’s Disease.” (Professional project)

Natalia Navarro (’18 M.A.)

Why America? A Citizenship Podcast

A collection of immigration and citizenship stories from new and soon-to-be U.S. citizens. (Professional project)

Mikayla Mace (’17 M.A.)

Newspaper Coverage of Mars in the United States and the United Kingdom 2011-2016

From the Apollo moon shots to human exploration of Mars, each successive era of spaceflight has been framed in a logical progression from concept to completion that resonates with the values of the times. (Thesis)