Internships for credit: Forms to fill out

To receive journalism credit for an internship, you must be a UA undergraduate or graduate student with a journalism major or minor and have passed JOUR 205 (Reporting the News) with a C or better. (Graduate students must have passed JOUR 506 with a B or better.) You may interview for an internship while in-progress in JOUR 205/JOUR 506, but will not be enrolled for credit until your final grade for the class has posted.

You must meet with the Internship Coordinator and review the offer for a journalism internship you have received to have it approved for credit. In some cases – marketing and public relations internships, for example – the School of Journalism will not offer credit, but you will be able to receive credit through the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Consult the Internship Coordinator to understand from whom you will get credit.

Students need to: