Journalism for you!

In a rapidly changing world with a 24-7 news cycle, journalism is more important than ever, and the skills you learn in our program will benefit you in any career, for the rest of your life. You’ll learn to produce news reports for print, broadcast, and online media and have opportunities for internships in all those areas. We even have a class on developing mobile apps. It doesn’t matter the medium – we teach you how to gather information, analyze it, boil it down, and then communicate it effectively, accurately, quickly and ethically – all to make the world a better place. That is journalism.

Major requirements

Once you complete the following four requirements, you will be allowed to take major-only courses, starting with JOUR 203, 205 and 208:

1. Earn a grade of B or better English 101 and 102 or in English 109H.

2. Earn a grade of C or better in Math 105, 107, 109C, 112; or LING 123; or PHIL 110.

3. Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.5, including the semester when application is made for admission into the major.

4. Earn a grade of C or better in JOUR 105.

In the major, you will complete 36 more units in journalism courses, as well as a minimum of 18 units in a chosen minor. We have a full description of our core journalism courses and a course planning guide to help guide you through this major, as well as a full-time professional advisor and faculty members who provide mentoring.

Double major, minor options

All journalism students are required to have a minor or double major to graduate. Your minor or double major (or double minor!) allows you to develop specialties for reporting while still being well-rounded in worldly knowledge. Some of the double majors or minors journalism students have chosen recently are political science, Middle Eastern studies, sports management, business administration, economics, communication, religious studies, theater arts, sociology and fashion.

Get a bachelor’s and master’s in five years

Top students can earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism in only five years if they are accepted into our Accelerated Master’s Program. This allows students to take graduate courses while still an undergraduate to speed up their time to completion of a master’s.

Consider a journalism minor

If you are majoring in another discipline, you can increase your chances of getting a good job by adding a journalism minor to your program of study. It is one of UA’s most versatile and convenient minors, in that you can complete the minor during summers, with some classes online. It’s a quick (yet challenging) way to develop incredibly useful skills in writing, reporting, video and multimedia, while learning crucial concepts in law, ethics, civic engagement and principles of journalism in a democracy. For more about this 18-unit program, see our minor page.


Check out master’s and dual-master’s options

The School of Journalism offers a master’s degree that is perfect for working professionals or recent grads in any major looking to develop skills that top employers, including major news organizations, federal agencies and the educational sector, desire. The School also offers dual master’s degrees with Latin American Studies, Public Administration, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, and more. For more information, see our graduate program page.


For more information on undergraduate studies:

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For more information on graduate studies:

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