Director's letter: New semester kicks off with upgraded classrooms

UA Journalism students,

Welcome back! The faculty and staff hope you have had a great summer, and we look forward to an amazing year ahead. A few highlights:

  • We have upgraded several classrooms in Marshall, including new computers in the Harelson lab (342), new tables/chairs/design for the photo lab, a larger classroom in Room 347 (previously the grad student lounge), and a new grad student lounge in 311 with ambient light. All of this is possible through course fees, program fees and summer teaching. Thank you!
  • The Loft Journalism in Film series continues this year with eight films, including Spotlight featuring Rich Gilman, the publisher of the Boston Globe at the time and a UA journalism alum. The first film, "The Witness," will be 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 23, and afterward Professor Nancy Sharkey and I will talk about it with the attendees.
  • We will honor Pulitzer-Prize-winner Dana Priest as the Zenger Press Freedom winner this year on Oct. 21. More info to come.
  • New classes will be available, including a new writing for broadcast class (Jour 280) this semester and a course in Digital Communication Law (Jour 420/520).
  • We will welcome you and your parents to a school tour 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, Family Weekend.
  • The Marshall Building has a PokeStop out front (accessible from the Reading Room), and several in the surrounding block. Come on down, hang out, do some homework, and talk with your fellow students.

Stay tuned for more developments, and make sure to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to get experience and network through journalism student clubs, meeting with internship coordinator Renee Schafer Horton, and stopping in to chat with faculty. If you have suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to email or visit. We are here for you!

David Cuillier
School of Journalism
Marshall 334

University of Arizona School of Journalism faculty: Front row (from left) — Terry Wimmer, Rogelio Garcia, Celeste González de Bustamante, Jeannine Relly, Linda Lumsden, Maggy Zanger, Nancy Sharkey, Susan Knight and Susan Swanberg. Back row (from left) —  William Schmidt, Kim Newton, Carol Schwalbe, Michael McKisson and David Cuiller (director). Not pictured: Shahira Fahmy and Mort Rosenblum.

Published Date: 

08/22/2016 - 11:00am