Elkhalil places first in spring 2015 Gyorke photo contest

Drew Gyorke

Baraha Elkhalil, Jordan Glenn and Joshua Rojas won honors in the Drew Gyorke Memorial Fund Photojournalism Contest.

They are among 12 Journalism 203 finalists from Spring 2015, and images are on display in the third-floor hallway of the Marshall Building.

Elkhalil took first place in the contest coordinated by Professor Kim Newton. Glenn was second and Rojas third.

The other student finalists were: Mihdi Afnan, Sergio Calderon, Maritza Dominguez, Meryl Engle, JaKyle Kochevar, Jaime Lobel, Alex McIntyre, Reina Morrison and Nicholas Quihuis. (Brandi Walker also has a photo hanging in the hallway).

Gyorke, an adventurer and aspiring photojournalist at UA, died his junior year in a May 2013 car accident. The endowed award named after him recognizes the best beginning photojournalism students. (Click HERE to see past winners and photos.)

Here are the students' photos:

First place: Sheryl Lake, a tattooer at The Painted Lady on Speedway in Tucson, works on one of her clients on Feb. 17, 2015. (Photo by Baraha Elkhalil)  Elkhalil) COPYRIGHT:© Baraha Elkhalil 2015

Second place: Travis Whitlow swings his lasso before capturing the bull in the team-roping event on Feb. 21, 2015, at La Fiesta de la Vaqueros or Tucson Rodeo. (Photo by Jordan Glenn) COPYRIGHT:© Jordan Glenn 2015

Third place: David sits in front of a wall murel of The Beatles outside of Hippie Gypsy in Tucson on March 2, 2015. David is one of many homeless in the city who struggle to fina a place for peace. (Photo by Joshua Rojas) COPYRIGHT:© Joshua Rojas 2015

Students at the University of Arizona march around campus to raise awareness of sexual assault on April 14, 2015. The march was met with varying reactions. (Photo by Nicholas Quihuis). COPYRIGHT:© Nicholas Quihuis 2015

Gedalian Druin restores the University of Arizona Hillel's Torah on Feb. 11, 2015 in Tucson. Druin explains that when he was deciding his career path "this just hit" him. (Photo by Meryl Engle). COPYRIGHT:© Meryl Engle 2015

Jake Hexberg, a freshman last spring, skates outside of his UA fraternity house on April 9, 2015. Hexberg has been skating since he was in high school and it is something he loves to do to clear his mind after a stressful day. (Photograph by Jamie Lobel). COPYRIGHT:© Jamie Lobel 2015

Lance Corp. Sebastian Orozco, 20 monitors LCpl James Ho, 21, and LCpl Alex Cerna, 22, as they do pull-ups in the Marine Corps physical fitness test on April 11, 2015, at the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center in Tucson. Both men would earn first class physical fitness scores for the pull-ups, the 3-mile run and 100 crunches. (Photograph by Sergio Calderon) COPYRIGHT:©Sergio Calderon 2015

Cheryl Neal, a Library Information Associate Senior,  works at the University of Arizona Library on March 10. Neal has been at the UA Library for 20 years. (Photograph by Maritza Dominguez) COPYRIGHT:© Maritza Dominguez 2015

Kyle Clarke studies math in front of the Arizona History Museum on Feb. 9, 2015. Clarke had been a freshman majoring in mathematics and pre-business at the University of Arizona. (Photo by Kyle Kochevar). COPYRIGHT:© Kyle Kochevar 2015

Cowgirl Jessica Schaeffer rides around on her horse at the annual Tucson Rodeo on March 1, 2015. Schaeffer rode in the women's barrel race, but did not place. (Photograph by Mihdi Afnan) COPYRIGHT:© Mihdi Afnan 2015

Alexander Toth, 17, lunges for a hold on Poplar Mechanics (5.12+) at the Beaver Wall on Mount Lemmon near Tucson on April 2, 2015. Toth chose to climb at night because the cooler temperature makes for better climbing conditions. (Photograph by Alex McIntyre) COPYRIGHT:© Alex McIntyre 2015

Molly Schwartz sprints down the field in a game against Niwot High School at Niwot, Colorado, on  April 10, 2015. Schwartz, a junior at Longmont High School, plays center defense for the Trojans, who won their game 2-0 Friday. (Photography by Reina Morrison) COPYRIGHT:© Reina Morrison 2015

Anton Smith, a 2008 UA graduate, teaches students and Peace Corps volunteers a traditional African dance at the ninth-annual Peace Corps fair in Tucson on Feb. 27, 2015. (Photo by Brandi Walker) COPYRIGHT:© Brandi Walker 2015

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09/13/2015 - 9:27pm