Going global: New online degrees offered

Dec. 10, 2020


The University of Arizona School of Journalism has launched new degrees to advance studies of the globalization and digitization of media with a new Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in the Studies of Global Media — both fully online.

Led by Prof. Jeannine Relly, the programs begin in spring 2021 and are being offered through Arizona Online and iCourses taught on the main campus.

The programs will cover the range of ways information is spread via social and mainstream media, focusing on topics such as disinformation, information security and literacy, freedom of expression and access to information – and how these are viewed in societies around the world.

“We are pleased about the breadth and depth of the programs that we will be able to offer,” Relly said. “Courses use analytical frameworks and methods to study issues of the times for journalists and news organizations around the world, and the impacts and influences of media of all types on societies.”

Grads can step into jobs in nonprofit groups, think tanks, government, politics and international agencies that require strong writing, analytical, verbal and research skills.

The new courses are offered every seven-and-a-half weeks. Classes have no prerequisites and are asynchronous, so students in any global time zone can fit studies around jobs or family needs. No GRE is needed to apply.

Application Deadlines


Spring 2021

  • Spring I: January 6, 2021
  • Spring II: March 5, 2021

Summer 2021

  • Summer I: May 12, 2021
  • Summer II: June 29, 2021

Fall 2021

  • Fall I: August 17, 2021