JOUR 205 Students Shine at Finley Contest 22'

Dec. 6, 2022


On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022, 18 journalism students gathered in Marshall Room 341 to compete in the Mark Finley Gold Pen Award for Best Beginning News Writer.



Professor Carol Schwalbe begins the contest by telling students about the Hon. Charlene Pesquiera's background.

Alexandra Pere

JOUR 205 instructors nominated 19 students to participate in this year's Finley Award:
1.      Mary Grace Armistead 

2.      Sam Parker

3.      Anna Lineberry

4.      Daniela Falcone

5.      Kiara Adams

6.      Annabel Lecky

7.      Barbara Rivero

8.      Thomas Hoos

9.      Summer Kincannon 

10.  Annabella Booth

11.  Jason Dayee 

12.  Harrison Juell 

13.  Taylor Dykstra 

14.  Georgia Landeryou 

15.  Ashley Reynolds

16.  Sara Richardson

17.  Leyton Schrotberger

18.  Sam Schneider

19.   Krissy Caponigro


Only one student missed the opportunity to win scholarship money and a coveted engraved golden pen. The students listened to a 20 minute presentation by the evening's guest, Hon. Charlene Pesquiera, justice of the peace for Pima County Precinct Four. Pesquiera described a long list of career accomplishments. From business administration to food critic, Pesquiera said she never took no for an answer.



"I've had 30 professions," Pesquiera said. "I've always took on the challenge in my career."

Alexandra Pere

The journalism students proceeded with a mock press conference. They asked a multitude of personal and professional questions. Pesquiera gave the students a range of topics to cover in their short-form stories.

She had a particular interest in discussing her work in homeless court. She said she pushed for her court to provide services for homeless individuals that came to her courtroom.

After the press conference ended, students wrote their stories within an hour time limit.

UArizona Journalism School alums Eddie Celaya, Danyelle Khmara and Gloria Knott judged their stories.

Celaya is the cannabis reporter for the Arizona Daily Star and host of the nationally syndicated podcast, Here Weed Go! Khmara is an award-winning immigration reporter for the Arizona Daily Star. Knott is the editor for #ThisIsTucson.


In the end, the judges chose Sam Parker, Kiara Adams and Thomas Hoos as the winners. Parker walked away with a $1,000 scholarship, Adams received $750 and Hoos received $500. They will all receive engraved gold pens. Congratulations to our 2022 winners!