Main campus adds Studies of Global Media

Feb. 18, 2021


The University of Arizona has added the School of Journalism's new online Studies in Global Media degree programs to the main campus.

In addition to a bachelor's and master's being offered, the program will offer dual-B.A. and M.A. degrees and a minor. 

"We appreciate the university and the College of Social and Behavioral Science's support of our new Studies of Global Media degrees on the main campus," Professor Jeannine Relly said. "In 2021 alone, we'll be developing and launching 12 new courses that students in journalism, bilingual journalism and studies of global media can take fully online."

Relly said the school is adding a new grouping of courses focused on disinformation, online harassment and digital security; media, cultures and societies around the world; and different perspectives on freedom of expression and information rights around the world.

"The classes are taught by professors who've worked in countries around the world," said Relly, director of global initiatives for the school's Center for Border & Global Journalism. "The plan is to continue to add courses in 2022 on science, misinformation and different types of media and other issues of our time."

Relly said students will graduate with a global network of contacts and deep analytical and intercultural skills applicable to numerous professions — including domestic or global NGOs or businesses, think tanks and government agencies. 

There are six application submission options for the year-round program, which follows 7 1/2 week semesters.

"We welcome part-time and full-time students, and the GRE test for master's students is not required," Relly said.

More information and how to apply