Prof. Lumsden lands book deal on social justice journalism

Associate professor Linda Lumsden of the University of Arizona School of Journalism has been awarded a prestigious book contract for an in-depth exploration of journalism associated with social justice movements.

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) selected just two projects nationally, including Lumsden’s “Journalism for Social Justice: A Cultural History of Social Movement Media from ‘Common Sense’ to #blacklivesmatter,” to be published as part of the AEJMC-Peter Lang Scholarsourcing Series.

This is the second major AEJMC award this year for Lumsden, who also captured the AEJMC Senior Scholar research award of $4,000. Thanks to that award, she is doing research for the social justice movement book this month at the London School of Economics and Public Policy Library and at the London headquarters of Antislavery International. She will report on her London findings at the 2016 AEJMC convention in Minneapolis in August.

Lumsden's book, scheduled for publication in 2018, was among 18 proposals considered by more than 100 AEJMC members. The book “will link the richly varied print culture of 10 social justice movements with their counterparts among today's online media, weaving contemporary interviews together with historical analysis,” the AEJMC said.

The other contract was awarded to a group of five professors for the project, “Agendamelding: How We Use Digital Media to Create Personal Community.” The professors are Donald L. ShawDebashis “Deb” Aikat and Milad Minooie of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; David H. Weaver of Indiana and Chris J. Vargo of Colorado Boulder.

That book, AEJMC said, “will build on our understanding of how media set agendas to consider how audiences seek agendas — how people construct their own media networks to represent the places they live, work and play within networked personal communities.”

According to AEJMC: “The winning proposals were chosen through a unique “Scholarsourcing” process, now in its second year. Drawing on the idea of crowdsourcing, the innovative initiative enabled AEJMC members to review abbreviated and anonymized book proposals, and to indicate which ones they felt were most promising.”

Lumsden’s book will be jointly published by AEJMC and Peter Lang, an international scholarly press with offices in the United States and throughout Europe.

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06/14/2016 - 9:29am

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