Visiting scholar Retis examines Latinos and the media

Jessica Retis, left, and Celeste Gonzålez de Bustamante collaborated on Chapter 19 — “Latin@s: Underrepresented Majorities in the Digital Age” — in the newly released book: “The Routledge Companion to Media and Race.”.

The University of Arizona School of Journalism welcomed Jessica Retis as a visiting scholar this week.

Retis, an associate professor at Cal State Northridge University, specializes in the analysis of contemporary diaspora and its media implications.

She spoke Feb. 15 to UA students and faculty about “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding Transnationalism and Communication: Latinos and the Mediascape.” She explained that critical perspectives such as the political economy of the media, cultural studies, urban studies and media practices in everyday life are useful approaches in understanding Latino diasporas and the media.

On Feb. 16, she talked about “Young Latinos and the Media: Teaching Civic Advocacy Journalism in the Digital Era.” Retis examined how to prepare students to become engaged citizens, to train them in critical analysis of the news media practices, and to incorporate consciousness of social injustices when covering diversity and minorities.

She and UA Associate Professor Celeste González de Bustamante co-authored a chapter – “Latin@s: Underrepresented Majorities in the Digital Age” — in a newly released book: “The Routledge Companion to Media and Race.”

Retis has taught lecture and skills courses in the U.S., Spain and Mexico, including classes in new media, diversity and the media, Spanish-language news environment, Spanish-language television, Spanish-language multimedia writing, media analysis performance, diversity and the media, and discourse and politics of exclusion.

She has more than 18 years' experience as a journalist in Latin America and Europe. Retis is currently working on a research project, “Ethnic Media in Global Cities: Los Angeles, New York, London, and Madrid.”

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02/16/2017 - 12:05pm