Dual M.A in Journalism and Latin American Studies

International Dual Degrees

The School of Journalism now offers five dual degrees in partnership with other units in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Two of these dual master’s degrees allow students to become proficient in journalism while specializing in a specific region of the world, either Latin America or the Middle East. The program – resulting in two separate master’s degrees – provides students with an intellectual foundation in regional studies, language, and advanced research techniques, and an opportunity to build on this foundation with applied field work.

Both dual degrees require a substantial amount of coursework in two graduate programs. Award-winning journalists with language competency and regional experience will be able to make crucial contributions to the understanding of current issues by the public and policymakers in those regions and the United States.

Journalism and Latin American Studies

The dual-degree program in Journalism-Latin American Studies is a culmination of a long-standing relationship between the School of Journalism and the Center for Latin American Studies. This program will provide students with the intellectual foundation in regional studies, language, and advanced research techniques that will prepare them to conduct academic or journalism fieldwork from Mexico and Latin America to Brazil and the Caribbean.

As with the stand-alone master’s degree, two options are offered. See Professional and International Journalism Studies for details.

Students in the Professional Option will be able to build from a foundation of language and regional understanding to produce authoritative multimedia reporting from and about the region. The goal of this option to is to enable students to become journalists who are well-trained in regional dynamics and will make crucial contributions to the understanding of contemporary issues and their impact on people and governments of the region and around the world.

Students in the International Journalism Studies Option will develop a deep understanding of the language, culture, and politics of the region, and of the principles, theories, and roles of news media operating in a global information environment. Several faculty have extensive reporting and research experience in Latin America. 

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