M.A. in Journalism

Journalism Master of Arts

There are two distinct journalism master of arts programs: One that has professional focus and another with an international emphasis.

This program is well suited to those who obtained bachelor’s degrees in other fields and want to become journalists, and for those who recently received a journalism degree and are seeking more advanced training. The school also welcomes mid-career professionals who want to gain greater knowledge of the legal, ethical, technological and management challenges that confront twenty-first century journalists. Opportunities exist to tailor a program suited to your interests, such as science writing or environmental journalism.

The skills-oriented curriculum includes writing, multimedia and on-the-street reporting for print, television and online media serving communities in southern Arizona.

Those interested in the skills-oriented program are expected to demonstrate outstanding English and writing skills because of the rigor of the assignments and the expectation that after graduation they may begin working immediately in a news organization. 

The program typically requires four semesters for full-time students. Students also can enroll part time.

Professional Option Course Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 33 units to graduate. The curriculum consists of four required courses including a thesis or final project, plus three highly recommended skills courses and a choice of four electives. Most electives allow students to specialize in their choice of an area of interest. These other electives can be drawn from journalism or, with permission, from other disciplines.

An internship or fellowship may be taken as an elective. It is recommended that students enrolled in the two-year master’s program earn no more than 3 units of internship credit for JOUR 593. Up to 6 units may be allowed in consultation with the graduate adviser.

No 400-level credits will be accepted toward graduate degrees. All course work will be based on graduate-level work. Credits earned in the 500-level section of a co-convened course (400/500) will be accepted toward graduate degrees.

Required Courses (12 units)
JOUR 508 Journalism Theory and Practice 
JOUR 509 International and U.S. Media Law 
JOUR 589 Research Methods  
JOUR 909 Project or JOUR 910 Thesis (3 units)

Skills courses (9 units)

JOUR 506 Introductory and Advanced Reporting

JOUR 507 Reporting with Multimedia

JOUR 590F or 590C (school media - select one)
Electives (12 units) (Some courses are offered only occasionally.)

At least one elective (3 units) must be drawn from the following list of professional skills courses:
JOUR 505 Media Apprenticeship
JOUR 511 Feature Writing     
JOUR 522 Publication Design
JOUR 533 Digging with Data
JOUR 555 Environmental Journalism
JOUR 572 Science Journalism
JOUR 573 Reporting the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
JOUR 580 Advanced Multimedia
JOUR 584 News App Development

Other electives include the following courses:
JOUR 502 Media and Terrorism
JOUR 526 Reporting the Middle East
JOUR 539 Ethics and the News Media
JOUR 547 Government Secrecy
JOUR 565 Issues in Covering Science and the Environment
JOUR 587 History of American Journalism
JOUR 596F Media Coverage of International Crises
JOUR 596L U.S. Press and Latin America
JOUR 597C Coups and Earthquakes: Reporting the World

Other courses in the School of Journalism (with permission)

Courses outside the School of Journalism (with permission)

Internships and fellowships
JOUR 593 Internship
POL 593L Legislative Internship
JOUR 596D Environmental Journalism (Costa Rica summer study abroad)
JOUR 597B Advanced Photojournalism (Italy summer study abroad)

Total: 33 units


Below is a suggested schedule to ensure a logical progression from course to course, based on when courses are usually offered. A few graduate elective courses are also sometimes offered in winter and summer sessions. See the full list of courses for more information.

First year (18 units)
JOUR 506 Introductory and Advanced Reporting (3 units)
JOUR 507 Reporting with Multimedia (3 units)
JOUR 508 Journalism Theory and Practice (3 units)

JOUR 509 Media Law and Ethics (3 units)
JOUR 589 Research Methods (3 units)
Elective: Professional skills course (3 units)

Second year (15 units)
JOUR 590C or 590F (School Media; choose one) (3 units)
JOUR 909 Project or JOUR 910 Thesis (3 units)
Electives (9 units)

Total: 33 units

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