Bennito Kelty

M.A. Student

  • Specialty: General Journalism
  • Areas of interest: International journalism, Latin American Studies
  • Undergrad Degree: Journalism, University of Missouri
  • Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
  • Background/goals: I grew up in the diverse Aurora, Colorado, then returned to my birthplace of Columbia, Missouri, to study available career paths for writers. I pursued journalism because of the recognition of Mizzou's J-school and to have a role as a reporter during protests related to racial injustice in the state, and I'm now interested in pursuing a Ph.D in international studies with a focus on human rights.
  • Why UA: The UA School of Journalism offers a study track that would allow me to broaden my approach to journalism, allowing me to step back as a reporter and look at underlying principles and theories governing journalism, and the school has visible connection to Latin America, an aspect I find personally comforting as a Mexican-American and that I want to integrate into my studies.