Journalism Forever


Al Litzow, class of 1973, willed his estate to the Harelson Operations Endowment:

Journalism was always sacred to me. I grew up in boarding schools and the written word was literally my only connection to the world. Good journalism is the glue holding together real truth, new ideas, opportunities, disseminating the good and the bad news that we all need to know. It’s much more than that but for me it’s enough to support the Journalism School enthusiastically.

Sara Hammond, class of 1977, willed a portion of her estate to the school:

My journalism education at the University of Arizona provided me with a solid foundation for a career as a print and broadcast reporter and in corporate communications. I received several scholarships as a student, and I began “paying it forward” a few years after graduation. In this era of narrowly focused “media” catering to narrow political inclination; and instant, citizen journalism with a smart phone as your printing press or TV camera, the need for journalism education in a democratic society is more important than ever. This is why I want to assure that the UA is a place known for its excellent journalism instruction and opportunities for professional engagement.

Associate Professor David Cuillier willed 10 percent of his estate to the operations endowment:

I feel it’s hypocritical to ask others to pledge themselves to UA Journalism and not do it myself. So I did. I committed 10 percent of my estate to the UA Journalism Harelson Operations Endowment, and the rest to my children and the Society of Professional Journalists. It was easy. I first sent an email to the UA Foundation with my wishes and they recorded it (and started mailing me UA Foundation swag – bonus). Then I created my will in literally 15 minutes. People with complicated estates probably should consult with an attorney. But a pledge is still something that can be done today, quickly, by anyone, and you can always change your mind later. Pledge with me now!

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The University of Arizona School of Journalism is nearly 70 years old, but the program is far from retiring. Students are benefiting more than ever from amazing faculty, new technology, global reporting opportunities, and hands-on experience that make the world a better place.

Join us by pledging to propel the program into the next 70 years and beyond.

Our goal is to raise $2 million in planned gift pledges this academic year – seeking all alumni to dedicate a portion of their estates, whether it be equities, property, life insurance, or other contributions. Gifts of any size would help, and students will use it for generations to come.

You can also check out charitable trusts or gift annuities through the UA, which provide you with annual payouts for the rest of your life, often at better rates than you could get from a bank or CD.

So stand together with your fellow Wildcat alumni and make a commitment to University of Arizona journalism. You are never too young to pledge your commitment to the UA. Help us reach our $2 million pledge goal.

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Would you like more information or to talk more about your experience at the UA? Contact Director Carol Schwalbe at or at 520-300-0693, or come visit at the University of Arizona School of Journalism, Room 334, 845 N. Park Ave., Tucson, Arizona, 85721.

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